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Art Page 9

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The Transformative Rays of Lunacy Illume the Walls of a Hopeless Place Elixir The Voice Which Seems To Obey Them Night Witch Flight Surgery Our Voice In My Minds A Solvent for the Acculmulated Mass of Binding Memories Swan Lake May Sanity Bless You Sorcerress of Indescribable Feelings Heaven is Devoid of Thoughts Please Don't Let Me See Myself Evil Concerns Ancient Anxiety Deathless Breath 15 Deadly Beauty Resurrection  Electro Chemical Static 'Resurrect Dead' alt DVD Cover Show Flyer Show Flyer 2 Show Flyer 3 Show Flyer 4 The Eternal Silencer Puzzling Evidence Untitled A Final and Lasting Peace Wormword Hurricane The Heart of the World Post Cards From Hawaii