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One Makes the Other Please God Have Mercy on the Interior Landscape (2019.01) Postcard from the Cape (2019.02) Princess of Peace and Prisoners of the Future's Horrors (2018.07) Shine a Light On the Troubled Depths (2018.05) Side A Side B Slow Beast of Horror's Shade (2018.01) Still (2018.07) Summer Nightfall (2018.07) The Branching Song & Attendant Lyric 1 The Branching Song & Attendant Lyric 2 The Branching Song & Attendant Lyric 3 The Emanation of Inescapable Influence (2018.02 The Information that Turned the Hearts to Ice (2018.11) The Scions of the Unbodied The Song of the Wandering Bard Those Who Attempted To At Least Name What Couldn't Be Measured Or Owned (2018.07) Two Piece flyer Untitled Narratice (Leaving the Palace) 2018.06 Wards of the State of Shock, Information Deformation (2018.08) Without a Thought, Without a Prayer (2019.02)