Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles

Web-site for the documentary movie about the "Toynbee Idea In Movie 2001 Resurrect Dead On Planet Jupiter" tile phenomenon. I am featured in this film as lead tile scientist/researcher. The movie will finally be released in January of 2011, after over 5 years of filming! You must make and glue tiles!!! YOU!!!


Coalition Ingenu

Since '08 I've shown work through Coalition Ingenu, a Philadelphia based non-profit that presents work by self-taught artists.


 Northern Liberties (the band)

Website for the band Northern Liberties, in which I play percussion, sing and write lyrics. There are lots of songs you can listen to here, and ordering information for a multitude of recordings on CD and vinyl. We formed in 2000.


Hex Nine (myspace page)

Hex Nine is my band in which I sing and play electric guitar, along with Marybeth Chew on bass and Tony Palumbo on synths. You can hear our songs through this link. We formed in 2008, or maybe '09.


Mandy Katz - paintings, drawings & ceramics

This is a flickr page with creative projects by Mandy Katz. We've done a lot of creative projects together, including a short film and a band.


Geb The Great Cackler (myspace page)

Geb The Great Cackler is a two-piece acoustic ensemble with Mandy Katz on violin & singing, and me on guitar and singing. This link goes to our mice-face where you can listen to a few songs! We formed in 2009.


Erode And Disappear

Erode And Disappear is a two-piece band featuring Kevin Riley who also plays with me in Northern Liberties on bass/singing, and me on drumset/singing. We formed in 2009.


 Enid Crow

The page for disaster & glamor photographer, fashion designer, & chaos scientist Enid Crow.


Vivian Girls Experience (myspace page)

This is a two-piece band with Enid Crow & me. We formed in 2005. We aren't active but sometimes play special events such as National Pigeon Day. We recorded a full length album and a short  pigeon-themed album.


'A Square Deal' art group

I have several pieces of art in shown through this group. Description from their site:

All art work shown is executed on 20cm (7.8 inches) square masonite panels prepared & distributed to the artists by A Square Deal.

The work is varied in style, genre, and medium, including paintings, collage, graphic art, photography and mixed media. These original works are then placed in group exhibitions, primarily in non-gallery venues such as cafes, restaurants, salons and other retail establishments in the Metro Philadelphia region.


Badmaster Records

Philadelphia based record label that has released some of my favorite music, as well as Northern Liberties 2007 album 'Ghost Mind Electricity.'


 More links will be added in the future. Hold your horses.