Eulogy Image

Eulogy: We were a group of friends who played music together from 1998 A.D. - 2003 A.D. We featured a wide array of instruments and musicians, but the main core of the group became myself on drums + voice and Joe Lotito on bass/cello and occasionally voice.

Vivian Girls image

The Vivian Girls Experience are comprised of myself and ENID CROW. These recordings represent a brand new genre of music known as lo-fi craft-pop.

Lice Album Cover

LICE: These songs were recorded in 1992 / 93 A.D. I played the drums in this band, Kevin played the guitar and sang and Daron "the Baron" played the bass.


AVIARY III recorded in 2002 A.D. This band was an improvisational instrumental group comprised of myself on bass, Bile Green on guitar and Carmel on drums. We mainly played house shows in West Philly and occasionally ventured to other areas.

Black Skeletons image

BLACK SKELETONS OF DEATH: This is myself on the drums, Seph on guitar and our friend Adam on vocals. Adam is a living legend and is the official King of Prussia.

Kat Klix image

KAT KLIX: This was a project put together by myself and my friend Seph. I played keyboards and sang and he sang and wrote words. We performed in cat costumes and had a theme of sexxxiness and absurdity. Our stage names: "Shitty Kitty" and "Scat Kat". We last performed Halloween 2004 A.D. at C.O.D.E.

Mad Cow Disease image

Mad Cow Disease: Mad Cow Disease was a band with my friend "Ari" Kevin and Joe (who later played in Eulogy). Kevin was the primary songwriter. There are a million crazy tales, but I'll let the music do the talking. I guess we'd be described as some variety of "crust" band or something, whatever, just listen!