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The Vivian Girls Experience

Vivian Girls Experience

Run Run Vivian

The Vivian Girls Experience


Songs by THE VIVIAN GIRLS EXPERIENCE. These recordings represent a brand new genre of music known as lo-fi craft-pop. THE VIVIAN GIRLS EXPERIENCE are comprised of myself and ENID CROW. The music is intended as a soundtrack for crafts such as embroidery and is thematically related to the works of artist Henry Darger and his characters the Vivian girls.

Vivian Girls Montage

We will soon have recordings reproduced with 25 songs total! Recorded between 2005/'06 AD.


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  1. ) Hey Hey Vivian
  2. ) All The Birds Were Singing (Carter Family cover)
  3. ) Kitten Lemonade Stand
  4. ) Vivian March
  5. ) Run Run Vivian
  6. ) A Myth Is A Female Moth (Song title idea from Susan Boren)
  7. ) Rebel Girl (A cover - originally written and recorded by Bikini Kill)
  8. ) Meagan And Jessica
  9. ) We've Got The * Power
  10. ) Nervous Flock
  11. ) Phalantonburg
  12. ) 17 Running Virgins (recorded in 2006 AD)
  13. ) Numbers Song (recorded LIVE, Oct. 8th., '06 )
  14. ) Kitten Lemonade Stand (recorded LIVE, Oct. 8th., '06 AD)
  15. ) Animal After School Chorus (recorded LIVE, Oct. 8th., '06 AD)
  16. ) A Myth Is A Female Moth (recorded LIVE, Oct. 8th., '06 AD - featuring our friend Jess on backing vocals)
  17. ) Run Run Vivian (recorded LIVE, Oct. 8th., '06 AD)