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 Upcoming events related to my creative projects - music,visual, etc.

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Upcoming Events

  • Thurs. Oct. 15 A live slideshow illustrated lecture about the life and influence of Mary Mowbray-Clarke, presented by the New City Public Library! 2 - 3 PM. More information HERE.


Update - September 28, 2020

Just a quick update to note that I've begun a series of "auctions" on instagram as a benefit for a local food distribution program. These are for a series of hand-drawn postcards, drawn on the reverse of promotional postcards for my show at Intuit in Chicago last year. Please feel free to take a look at the instagram page - you don't have to have an instagram account to send me a "bid" - you can simply email me at eulogycontact@hotmail.com ! CLICK HERE to redirect to my instagram page to see bidding and the latest series of cards as I post them each day! I began drawing these postcards in June and am finishing up the series now. Here's a little write-up I made promoting the project:

Back in June I began drawing a series of postcard designs on the reverse of promotional postcards for my art show at Intuit in Chicago last year. I had 43 of these left over after only one person requested one in the mail when I posted about that on fb, ha! Anyway, I had been wondering what to do with these, and decided they would be ideal to use as a fundraiser - there are a lot of good places to send money, but I decided to do something super-local, so 100% of funds raised from the sale of these cards will go a neighborhood food distribution program, administered by my neighbor Lorraine, which has been working to deliver food to local residents since covid hit.

I plan to post FOUR of these cards per day. BID by sending a private message OR posting in the comments indicating which card you want - clockwise they are 1, 2, 3, 4. Bidding starts at $20 and bid increments are $5.... so if you are the second bidder you pay $25, third is $30 etc. At the end of each day I will let anyone who "won" their bid and you can pay me via paypal and I will mail you your card! Simple, I hope!? No limits on how many cards one person can buy! So feel free to bid on all four, your favorite two, etc. I will post a comment when the bidding is over! I considered doing this on eBAy but I think this will be faster and easier. We'll see. Fingers crossed.

About the fundraiser: I am raising money for my neighbor Lorraine Gomez, who works tirelessly for the well-being of our local community/neighborhood. She's been organizing grocery giveaways every week, several days a week on Parkside Avenue and also on 40th and Poplar streets. She is constantly on call for the people here whenever there is an urgent need - she does what she can to find a solution. I'm thrilled to be able to use my work to aid her work!

Born and raised in the neighborhood, Lorraine moved into and is repairing her childhood home. She devotes a massive amount of time and effort to foster health and liveliness in her community. Here's a little quote from Lorraine about the food giveaways she's been running since COVID started:

"When COVID-19 hit the community of East Parkside it hit hard. I had to do something. I reached out to Ronald Allen who connected me with Amen Brown. I reached out to The Carousel House Kim and Mandy from Bartram's Garden working together our Friday give away came about."

As you can probably tell, Lorraine has very little time for self promotion and the like. Thanks so much for helping out this local mutual aid project by purchasing an art-postcard!

More details about the giveaways here:




Here are the first four in the series - as of 9/28/2020 numbers 1,2, and 4 are bid to $30, and number 3 (bird) is bid to $100.


In other news, I've been continuing to add the occasional excerpt from my work-in-progress biography/art tome about Mary Mowbray-Clarke on a blog at "medium." I will also add other non-fiction and research related work there over time. That can be found via THIS LINK. 


On Thursday October 15 I will give a talk about my Mary Mowbray-Clarke art-research for the New City Public Library via zoom. DETAILS HERE. 


Thanks for visiting and reading! Please keep healthy and take care of each other! Remember to VOTE AGAINST TRUMP in November!

UPDATE - May 18, 2020

First website update since global pandemic has found us! Given that circumstances dictate that there will be no in-person events for the foreseeable future, I'm very happy to announce some online and over-the-radio events you can tune into! On Thursday May 28 I will be presenting an illustrated lecture about the life, influence and social circles of Mary Mowbray-Clarke. The event is hosted by the Rockland Center for the Arts in Rockland County, NY where Mary spent most of her life. You can read about the event and sign up for the presentation AT THE LINK HERE!

Monday, June 15, I will be interviewed for a radio broadcast called "Crossroads of Rockland History," which is a program of the Historical Society of Rockland County that airs right after the Steve and Jeff morning show, at 9:30am on WRCR AM 1700. The episode, which is also focus on my research regarding the life of Mary Mowbray-Clarke, will later be archived HERE.

That's all there is for now! I've been hyper-focused on completing "volume one" of my ongoing tome of a biography, working on my artwork, and various other sundry projects. I began a weekly "vlog" which I've uploading to youtube every Friday. I have nine episodes so far. We'll see how far I make it! You can watch the past episodes on my youtube channel HERE.

I hope to have some new art prints made before too long. We shall see. Thanks for reading. All my thoughts are with everyone in this frightening and stressful time.

UPDATE - January 4, 2020

Just a quick note to make mention of two events approaching VERY soon! 1) This Friday, February 7, The Invasive Species will play a show with George Korein & the Spleen and Sasha V at the Pharmacy in Philly. It's at 1300 S. 18th. St. 8 PM. Please come  out! Spread the word! "Event page" is HERE.

 The next day, Saturday Feb. 8 at 1 PM I will be part of a panel discussion about the artists and intellectuals of South Mountain Road at the Rockland Center for the Arts. I'll draw from the years of research I've logged in the writing of my biography/art book centered around Mary Mowbray-Clarke, who, along with her husband John Frederick and their inseparable friend Herbert Crowley, were the first artists to settle on "the Road", in 1908.Details about the event can be found IN A SHORT ARTICLE HERE.

Meanwhile, the Temple of Silence has been published in a French translation by Urban Books. I found a French language review HERE. How incredible! Merci à Urban Books et à tous ceux qui tombent sous le charme du génie d'Herbert Crowley via cette traduction! Comme c'est excitant!

Meanwhile, I'd like to apologize for updating the site too late to have mentioned this show when it happened... Northern Liberties played a wonderful show with BELOVED BINGE and CAMP CANDLE who were both so incredible. We hope you were there. We're always there in spirit. I made a flyer for it:



All for now!  Stay tuned for details, including some news of the art show in Belgium. Thanks for taking time to read this somewhere else than on antisocial media.  

UPDATE - December 19, 2019

Please see the sidebar at the left for a list of upcoming events. Not all details are in yet for each event, but I hope to make a further update once I have more information. It's hard to believe 2020 is looming.

Here's the flyer for the first show of 2020, designed by Brian Nothing:

My art exhibit in Chicago at INTUIT will be coming down on January 12. If you're in the Chicago area please visit before it's gone! INFORMATION HERE.

Hyperallergic.com has included Temple of Silence in their "best of 2019" books list! Check out what they have to say HERE. Scroll on down to entry number 16. It's in very good company!

Northern Liberties continue to record a "monthly single" which we then upload to bandcamp... we've missed a month here and there, but I'm proud of it and you should check it out! We just finished a decent cover of Roky Erickson's "The Wind and More." That's HERE!

There is a rumor of one of my scroll panels being included in an exhibit in Belgium in March but that's all in the planning stages. Still, very exciting. 2019 was the first time I showed artwork in a museum or "formal" setting outside of Philly (and actually my first museum show, as well!) and 2020 may be my "international debut" as a visual artist. This is also reminding me I have never performed as a musician outside of the United States, something I want to do before the end! This year I hope to learn to swim, play music in another country, get at least close to completing a rough draft of the Mary Mowbray-Clarke biography, write some "one-off" non-fiction pieces and make them available here on my website with an option to "donate to the author" if one wishes to help fund all this research. I have several more research trips I want to make - to the UK, Buffalo NY, Washington DC, NYC, and I may try to find a "proxy researcher" to look up some things in Ohio. There are even a few archives here in Philly I want to visit. But I need to WRITE and to weave together the MASSIVE amount of information I have now - maybe before I go digging for more, ha!

I am working on artwork all the time as usual.


UPDATE - June 8, 2019

My upcoming music, art, and research related activities in 2019 are so blessedly dense that I can hardly keep track of it myself. So this little missive is as much for my own reference as for anyone else's. Unless otherwise noted all events are in Philly. Deep breath. Here we go:

[Apologies that this first event is now in the past! This will hopefully be archived by WKDU at some point in the future!] Wed. May 29: The Invasive Species played live on WKDU, 91.7 FM, 7 - 8 PM.

 Saturday June 8: The Invasive Species album release party for our new full-length recording "Strange Reflections" - w/ Alula and Cult Objects. At Mothership.

Sat. June 22: Northern Liberties at the Mothership w/ Collate, Blowdryer and Mint.

Thurs. June 27: The Great Cackler at the main branch of the Philadelphia Free Library as part of the "song-poems series" in which local musicians offer musical interpretations of poetry available from the poetry stacks of the library. Some of ours are particularly "deep cuts" so interlibrary loan or ordering books from off-site may be required, but those are wonderful services the library offers and people should be encouraged to use them! We have composed 10 brand new songs (thus far) specially for this performance!

Sat. June 29: Northern Liberties at the Clark Park Music and Arts Festival. I will also have some art prints for sale via one of the vendors at the festival.

Thurs. July 25 and Sat. July 27: opening receptions for a solo art show I have in Chicago at Intuit: the Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art. The show goes up on June 27 and will be up all the way through Jan. 5 2020! A little blurb: https://www.art.org/justin-duerr-surrender-to-survival

Fri. Aug. 16: Northern Liberties record release party for our 7th. LP, "Parallel Hell." w/ Sour Spirit and Evil Sword, at Johnny Brendas.

Sat. Aug. 17: The Invasive Species play at Century Bar. Details forthcoming.

Sept. 16 - Oct. 11: I will be in Austin Texas at the Harry Ransom Center for the Humanities digging through their archival papers for research related to my biography/art book centered around the life of Mary Helena Bothwell Horgan Mowbray-Clarke. This is the first time in my life I received any sort of "grant" (it was technically a travel stipend) to bolster my research, so I am quite excited. I'm in the list here: https://www.hrc.utexas.edu/resear…/fellowships/recipients/…/

That's all for things I'm specifically doing, but Saturday Oct. 26 is the opening for Mandy Katz's solo art show at the University City Arts League. I'm going and I suggest everyone else does, too!


UPDATE - March 3, 2019

Apologies for the gap in updates! There are an overwhelming amount of looming events and happenings, so I will get right into that, and then re-cap a few things that happened in the over-long interim since Summer of last year!

Saturday, March 30, Northern Liberties have a show in Staten Island, our first show in Staten Island in our 20 year history! So if you're in the area, please attend! Details can be found on this charming flyer:


Northern Liberties have a new record in the bag, so to speak - we will self-release it on vinyl/digital sometime later in the year. It will be called Parallel Hell. For the lead-up to that, we've begun a "monthly singles series" in which we record and upload one new song on the first of each month - it could be a re-working of an old song, a collaboration, a new song, a cover, or something from our archives. THAT CAN BE FOUND HERE!

Next up, I am elated to announce that I will be speaking at and attending the reception of the first exhibition of the artwork of Herbert E. Crowley in 53 years! This will be at the Fumetto Comix Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland. The talk is scheduled for Sunday April 7, and the reception for the exhibit is Saturday April 13, at 4 PM. The talk will include Crowley's niece, with questions from the publisher of The Temple of Silence, Josh O'Neill.

Speaking of The Temple of Silence, an insightful and in-depth review can be read at the Comics Journal, HERE! The book also received a "starred" review at Kirkus Reviews - LINK HERE! The Temple of Silence will also (finally) be available on Amazon and in bookstores in early April! I suggest purchasing it in person at a bookstore, but if you've already bought a copy, you could always review it on Amazon!

Next up, The Invasive Species have a batch of shows on the horizon - we just finished recording 10 new songs which are currently being mastered, and will be "released" - likely as a cassette/digital package - sometime in 2019.

Sunday, April 28 Invasive Species play at Vox Populi with Aphid Daughters and Forgotten Bottom, and on Wednesday May 22 we play at Anthorna Gallery with a touring band called Teen Mortgage. Both these shows are in Philly.

On Thursday, June 27 Geb the Great Cackler will present a very special, one-time-only performance at the main branch of the Philadelphia Public Library. This will be part of an ongoing series at the Library in which musicians offer interpretations of materials drawn from the poetry stacks. We are already intensively studying a massive stack of poetry books and branching out with our music. We hope you can join us for this one!

Now - to correct for my laxness in updating this site - here are some of the things that went by since the previous update:

Geb the Great Cackler played our first show in 12 months at the annual two-piece fest in Philly on Saturday Feb. 23. This year it was held at "Everybody Hits" a venue that, by day, serves as batting-cage practice. Here's a photo of the "load-in sheet" to state for the record who else shared the bill etc:

On Friday March 1 Northern Liberties played at Cousin Danny's in West Philly. Here's a flyer I made for that one, which references the recent "furnace party" craze in Philly, which... I can't and won't attempt to describe other than to say it's supremely Philly, somehow. Flyer:

Other than that.... my research for my art-tome/ biography of Mary Mowbray-Clarke continues. I've had some serious research breakthroughs in the past few months, including the discovery of "new" lost artwork from Herbert Crowley... I can't wait to someday share all of this with the world, somehow! Here's a photo of some of my research notes:

Thanks for reading, and see you out and about!



UPDATE - August 8, 2018

Just a quick update to add some new music events (one of which is TONIGHT, whoosh!), as well as an author's talk I'll be doing at the Philly Library in November. Very excited about all of this!! Here is a flyer I made for one of the upcoming shows:  

Looking forward to all of these very much! More later as it develops! All for now! 


UPDATE - July 5, 2018

I have some music shows coming up very soon - two this weekend with two different bands! In the interim since the last time I checked in here though, I began putting some of my non-fiction writing up on a blog site. I have two pieces up as of now. One tells the story of one of my favorite artists, a woman named Renee Leshner. The other delves into the forgotten history of artist Howard Kretz Coluzzi, and is a small excerpt from my work-in-progress biography of Mary Mowbray-Clarke. YOU CAN READ AND FOLLOW THE BLOG THROUGH THIS LINK!

THIS SATURDAY, July 7, Northern Liberties are playing our 238th. show. It's with HIRS Collective, Night Raids, Yarrow, and Lester, in Philly at PhilaMOCA. It's a benefit for Beyond The Bars, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit that teaches music to incarcerated youth as well as those impacted by the criminal justice system. It's also the second night of "First Time's the Charm" - a showcase for ensembles making their public debut... but there were cancellations, so now only the first day of the two-day event will feature debut bands. I only mention this because this is because we're 237 shows and 18 years away from our first show. 238th. time is the charm. Come be charmed and help raise some money for a good cause! LINK HERE FOR "EVENT PAGE."

THIS SUNDAY, July the 8th. The Invasive Species have a show at Kung Fu Necktie w/ Horse Torso, Weakknees & Fuzz Queen! We hope to see you there! The facebook "event" page (LINK HERE) links to the wrong band - there's a newer band by the same name, but hey.... I'm going to add the correct link here so you can hear our music: https://theinvasivespecies.bandcamp.com/

Several more shows are on the horizon for which I don't have all the details at hand, but I listed them in the little box so there's a note of them. Also, Northern Liberties finished recording what will be our seventh full-length record. Mixing will be done sometime before the end of the summer. Here's to many more. Until next time.


Northern Liberties have FIVE shows lined up for 2018! We're off to a running start. We're also almost done composing songs for our seventh full-length recording which he hope to complete this year.

Our upcoming shows are:

Sunday January 21st - Philadelphia @ PhilaMoca w/ Green Milk from Planet Orange(Japan)  & Kohoutek

Saturday February 3rd  - Wilmington DE @ Oddity Bar w/ Joe B, Hellblock 6 and Brain Candle  

Tuesday February 6th  - West Philadelphia @ the Soundhole w/ KTB(Members of Bugs & Rats and Guerilla Toss)  

Friday March 23rd - Philadelphia @ Kungfu Necktie w/ Agent Orange & the Atom Age

Friday April 6th - MACROCK XXI festival in Harrisonburg VA... details forthcoming.

Very excited to play our music this year, more than ever, our eighteenth year as a band! If everything works out (let's do what we can) we have a really special show planned for our 20th. anniversary. By "planned" I mean I just imagined it.


Because I like to keep a log of things I've done here, even if they're in the past, I'm sorry to say I neglected to mention here that The Invasive Species played our first show with our new bassist on Friday December 1st. This was the flyer:


Meanwhile, "The Temple of Silence: Forgotten Works and Worlds of Herbert Crowley" is almost here! I have an author's copy, and the main shipment is slated to arrive January 27th! Seven years of research and focus will finally greet the eyes of the larger world. ORDER THIS MYSTIC TOME HERE!

Thanks everyone. Hope to see you.



Northern Liberties are playing four out-of-town shows in October! We don't travel very often, so this is very special to us. We hope to see some old friends and share our music & art with some who have never encountered it previously.

Here's a list of the shows, along with links to relevant "event pages" etc. -

Wed. Oct. 18th. we'll play at the Golden Pony (181 N. Main St.) in Harrisonburg VA, with Crab Action, Candidate Demo, and Sagittarius Rucker.

Thursday Oct. 19th. we'll play in Johnson City TN. at The Hideaway (235 E. Main St.) with Revenge Technician and TBBWTEOTW. We played The Hideaway 11 years ago and it will be nice to return!

Friday Oct. 20th. we tried and failed to find a show in Birmingham or nearby. It's three days away, but if by some miracle you know of a show we could hop onto - email me at eulogycontact@hotmail.com!

Saturday Oct. 21 we play our first ever show in New Orleans at Deslonde House (1624 Deslonde) with Crocuta and Fishin Out. Flyer:

Sunday, Oct. 22nd. we play the Realms of the Fourth Eye festival in Dallas Texas.

.... next thing I have on my calendar is the 15th. annual Philly Zine Fest! I will have copies of issue number 67 of my zine 'Decades of Confusion Feed the Insect' as well as new large black and white poster-prints. I will also be sharing my table with Mandy Katz who will also have some zines and sundries available!

 I think that's all I know for now.

I will know more soon.

Do something every day to resist the soulless fascist gangsters in the White House and beyond.


UPDATE - JULY 22, 2017

The last week of July will be a real whirlwind for me! I have three upcoming shows with three different bands... one of which is also teaching our songs to our new bassist. So there have been a lot of band practices! The "bonus round" of crowdfunding for the Herbert Crowley book also came and went! Combined with the initial round, this means that 951 people have pledged a total of $122,411 to bring this book to life. I am floored. More updates as the book becomes a reality!


Onward.... the three upcoming shows! First up, Northern Liberties have a show on Tuesday July 25 at Panorama. Erik Ruin will also be providing visual accompaniment for A Stick and a Stone. EVENT PAGE LINK HERE. Flyer:

Next up... one day of rest and I'll be playing drums with The Invasive Species on Thursday July 27 at LAVA Space with Your Pest Band, who are on tour from Japan, and Pushin' It 2 the Limit. EVENT PAGE HERE. Flyer:

...and finally, to close out the week, Geb the Great Cackler will be playing on Saturday July 29th. at PhilaMOCA with Dougie Poole (from NYC) and locals On the Water. EVENT PAGE HERE. Flyer:


On the horizon of the future, Northern Liberties are planning a tour all the way to Texas in October! This is the first long trek tour we've done in many years, so I'm very pleased to announce it. Our very first show in New Orleans will happen on this tour! We've also been getting better about updating OUR WEBSITE. CHECK IT OUT.


That's all for right now.... check back for further developments.

In case no one has told you yet, please resist & subvert the perverse sociopolitical hellscape in any and every way you can. Thanks.

UPDATE - JUNE 19, 2017

Since the last update here, Geb the Great Cackler played two incredible shows, some of the best we've ever played. I apologize for being so lax about updating here, but life is a whirl and it's hard sometimes to find time to keep track of updating here. As more and more content is exclusively shoved onto "social media" though, I think good old websites are move valuable than ever. So I will try to be more studious about finding the time to list things here! For the record, Geb played an art show closing reception on May 24th. in NYC for our friend Shawn Thornton's show. Shawn also performed his wild solo music. Read about the art show HERE. Thanks Shawn for inviting us to be a small part of this incredible show!

Geb the Great Cackler also performed on Sunday June 4th. with Liv Carrow and an ensemble featuring Scott Churchman at one of the single most gorgeous locations we've ever played music at, Philadelphia's Fleisher Art Memorial. Thanks so Liv for asking us to join her at this show, which was a stop on her tour.

But enough re-capping! Upcoming - Northern Liberties are thrilled to announce we'll be playing the record release show for the always interstellar STARWOOD at Johnny Brenda's on Sat. July 1st.! DETAILS HERE!

Meanwhile, the Herbert Crowley art anthology has been sent to the printer! It's not possible for me to be more excited about this. More details will be forthcoming here as they are revealed to me!


UPDATE - MARCH 29, 2017

Since it's been a few weeks since I  updated the news here, I wanted to add a few things that passed during the gap, for the record. Northern Liberties played an incredible house show at the "Sound Hole" in West Philly with Mar (ex-Bear is Driving), Hulk Smash  and Ötzi. Here's a picture from the show:

COMING UP! TOMORROW Thursday March 30 at Boot and Saddle in Philly, Northern Liberties play a show with Boston's The Proletariat and fellow locals Solarized! Here's a flyer:

... and details can be found HERE. See you tomorrow!

Further in the future... Northern Liberties have another show coming up in Philly on Saturday April 15th. at Century Bar (1350 S. 29th.) with Dronez and Pushin' It 2 The Limit. Flyer here:

... and more info HERE.


Friday May 5th. will be a release party for Invasive Species new song "Walk Outside" - which comes packaged as a download card inside a package containing milkweed seed! This recording is being sold as a benefit for Let's Get Free, A Pennsylvania group that advocates for the rights of women prisoners and to end Life Without Parole (death by incarceration) sentences. Each seed packet is hand printed with original art by Invasive Species singer Mandy Katz. The release show will be in Philly at LAVA, 4134 Lancaster Ave., Philly PA. w/ Westboro Baptist Choir, and others to be revealed!


SUNDAY MAY 14th., Geb the Great Cackler make a return to live performance after a short pause. We'll be joining Stinking Lizaveta and Ollin Yoliztli Calmecac, and more to come! There will be food, a silent auction, an art sale, and a film screening. This is a benefit show for our old friend Brujo de la Mancha which will help him to relocate to Canada! It's at the Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St. Philly, and starts at 8 PM. DETAILS HERE. LEARN MORE ABOUT BRUJO'S SITUATION AND MAKE A DONATION HERE!


There are some other things in the summer I can't remember right now but I will put them here next time I make an update! And of course Friday Sept. 15 - Sun. Nov. 12, 2017 I have a Solo art show at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens!


That's all for now. Don't stay too tuned in. Do Earth a favor and put an end to the Trump administration.

UPDATE - January 26, 2017

Tomorrow, Friday Jan. 27, I will be giving a talk at the Center for Architecture and Design, at 1218 Arch St. in Philadelphia. It's presented by "Creative Mornings" and is part of a speaking series on the topic of "mystery". My talk will cover the intersection of art and mystery, with some thoughts about the cultural evolution of storytelling, and how stories are lost and found. It will include first-hand anecdotes from my research in regards to the Toynbee tiles, Herbert E. Crowley, and local artist Renee Leshner. The event is from 8:30 - 10:30 AM. It's free but you have to register. READ DETAILS AT THE LINK HERE.

Meanwhile, The Invasive Species have our first show planned since taking a short break since the summer. It's a benefit for Standing Rock's Water Protector Legal Collective. I will also have some artwork in an art show at this same event! This is Friday, February 10th, 7:30pm - midnight at Hot Yoga Philadelphia, 1520 Sansom St. I will also have some artwork included in an art show at this event! $5 - $25 at the door - proceeds to the good cause! MORE DETAILS HERE. Here's the flyer:

UPDATE  - October 11, 2016

Today is the launch for fundraising for the Herbert Crowley art anthology which I've been researching, writing, and compiling for more than six years! Please take a look at the ONGOING CAMPAIGN HERE and share the link with others!

UPDATE - September 18th., 2016

First: apologies for such a long gap in updating! Many music and art events have come and gone with nary a mention here on the wide-world-web. MANY more are being woven on the loom right now though. The details for everything aren't set yet, so please feel free to email me at eulogycontact@hotmail.com if you're curious about a specific event for which details aren't here yet. OK.

Coming up:

Thursday October 24th., Geb the Great Cackler will have the great honor of sharing a bill with a very special evening of crankies (moving panorama puppetshows) & music with  Liz Downing from Baltimore performing her crankie show "Piggly Wiggly", her musical duo Lurch & Holler, and Joshua Marcus (from Providence). Also a triptych of ballad-crankies from the local trio of Shaina Kapuleck, Erik Ruin and Julius Masri. At the Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St., Philly PA. Doors at 7. Sliding scale donation of $5-10 requested. FECE-BOOK "EVENT".

Friday October 28th. - I am VERY excited to announce that my entire Interconnecting Story-Scroll, in its black and white large-format photocopy form, will be viewable by the public as part of the Poe Arts Festival. The scroll tapestry will be on displayed in gorgeous auditorium of the Philadelphia German Society at 611 Spring Garden St.

Friday, November 11 - Northern Liberties have a show in Kutztown PA. Details forthcoming!

Saturday, November 12 - Northern Liberties have, or are working on finding, a show in Boston MA.! Details forthcoming!

Sunday, November 13 - DIY fashion show and clothing swap at the Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St. Early, 3 PM. I am going to strut the cat-walk.

Saturday, December 17 - Northern Liberties in Delaware.... look out!

Friday Sept. 15 - Sun. Nov. 12, 2017. Solo art show at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens! Yes this is just under one year away, but I am really excited to announce it. I hope that I, and you, and this world and cosmos will hold together long enough for this one!

That's all we know for the time being. In time we will know more, until knowing ceases, at which time there will be no more time.

UPDATE - May 11th., 2016

A few upcoming music and FILM events to announce! First up, TOMORROW, Thursday May 12: The Invasive Species return after a brief pause to play this show with Nature Boys, Todd Killingz, and Enamel. Here: https://www.facebook.com/events/479554398902029/

Sunday June 12: Northern Liberties play outdoors at Dock Street Bar in West Philly. Music starts at 3 PM, not sure where we are in the line-up. Here: https://www.facebook.com/events/601302696687263/

Sunday June 19: Video screenings/release party for new Geb the Great Cackler recording, "Disco for Dolls." Videos for all ten songs (plus some which have two videos!) will be screened, with q & a from folks who made them, art will be shown from people who contributed videos, and there will be music performances from some of the video contributors, including Laura Baird and Buck Gooter! This will be the unveiling of so much work by so many incredible talented people, so be there! The new recording will be available as a download and on a thumb-drive which will include the music and the may videos! Here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1086996961359686/

Thursday June 30: Geb the Great Cackler are honored to be playing a show at The Random Tea Room (http://therandomtearoom.com/events/) with Larkin Grimm/Jesse Sparhawk and Sherie Ruppersberger. 7 - 10 PM.




UPDATE - March 13th., 2016

Two upcoming shows for Northern Liberties - one with Grandchildren and Sleek Machine at Boot and Saddle on March 25th., and one at LAVA April 21st.

Geb the Great Cackler will play a show in Kutztown on May the 8th.! We're very excited to share a bill with the incredible EVIL SWORD and BLEEDERS will surely be amazing! Email eulogycontact@hotmail.com for inquiries about the precise location.

The Invasive Species return after a few weeks of silence with one of our favorites, NATURE BOYS! This show is still being put together so the venue isn't settled yet but please stay tuned!

Meanwhile, Geb the Great Cackler have a new ten song recording ready to be released, tentatively titled "Disco for Dolls" and we're having friends of ours make videos for (hopefully) all ten songs! The videos and music will be released - likely only in digital format, though perhaps on very-limited DVD-R, sometime in early summer!

The Herbert E. Crowley book is in the process of being edited and constructed. Hopefully more news on that front soon!


UPDATE - January 17th., 2016

Apologies for a lag in updates here - The Invasive Species went on a short East Coast tour beset by illness and car troubles (though we had wonderful shows in Asheville NC., Chapel Hill NC, Baltimore MD (REVIEW OF THE SHOW HERE!), and Philly on Jan. 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th, respectively. We toured with our friends A Stick and a Stone and the shows we were lucky enough to be able to play were incredible!

Meanwhile, there are two music shows on the horizon which I'm proud to report!

On Saturday January 30th. Northern Liberties will make a rare out of town appearance in Pittsburgh, PA. with Come Holy Spirit and MoonBaby at Baby Land - 3577 Beethoven St., Pittsburgh PA. 8 PM. "EVENT PAGE" HERE.

Then on Sunday February 7th. in Philadelphia, Geb the Great Cackler are excited and honored to be playing with our friend Lara Buckley, from Buffalo NY. Also on the bill are The Philadelphia Slavic Women's Ensemble, which Mandy of Geb/Invasive Species also sings in, and Erik Ruin's Broken Mirror Splinter Faction. This show happens at The Wooden Shoe - 704 South Street, and runs from 6:30 - 9:30 PM - so get there early!

Geb the Great Cackler have recorded a NEW ALBUM of new songs! We recorded "studio live" in the historic barn at Bartram's Garden in Philly. The recording was engineered by our friend Kellzo, who also recorded our previous batch of songs as well as a Northern Liberties record etc. We aren't quite sure how to offer it yet - perhaps fortune cookies with digital downloads. Getting tapes or other physical media seems wasteful and hard to justify given how many of the previous ones we still have!

Stay tuned and as always thanks for all your interest. Hope to see you/meet you/meet you again!

UPDATE - November 19th., 2015

Sunday November 19th. my most recent musical endeavor The Invasive Species will play a show with the reunited (for one show only!) Red Devil. Red Devil was/is a Philly band with my friend Jon (who made the 'Resurrect Dead' movie) on guitar. Their singer Eleanor lives in England now and Jon lives in NYC, so this reunion is pretty unexpected and I'm looking forward to it! Also on the bill are Philly legends/stalwarts Stinking Lizaveta who've played shows all around the world since 1992. Corrupt Justin are a 90s West Chester PA. band also re-formed for this show. It's a MATINEE show - starts early at 4:30 PM - it's at Beaumont Where-House (50th. & Beaumont Ave.) in Philly.

Friday, December 11th. Northern Liberties continue our decades long musiological meandering at The Fire (412 W. Girard Ave. Philly) with Dares (NYC) and Repelican. It's at 8 PM. We have some new songs and we'll be totally renewed.

January 1st. through the 7th. The Invasive Species are planning a tour of the East Coast of the United States with A Stick and A Stone. We may need help with some dates but we're still planning it right now....


UPDATE - September 17th., 2015

Events/activities pending, and long-term plans slowly, slowly ripening:

Coalition Ingenu presents a group show in Winter Haven Florida at Outer Space Gallery. I will have several pieces of art in this show. If you're in the area please be encouraged to go. Opens Friday October 1st. and runs through November 14th.

On Wednesday October 7th. Geb the Great Cackler are BESIDE OURSELVES to be sharing a bill with the great Diane Cluck and Shannen Moser. We're hoping to unveil some new special songs and dances just for this show. Not to be missed. (at Robot Pirate Island, 902 Carlisle St. Philly) doors 7:30 music at 8.

Saturday October 17th. will be the tape release party for a new band I'm drumming in - The Invasive Species. We'll have our brand new recording for sale, and we'll be sharing the night with  WESTBORO BAPTIST CHOIR and 60 DAY SENTENCE. It's at Beaumont Where-House (5027 Beaumont) in Philly. Starts at 8. Please come get our new tape - we're proud as peacocks of this recording and can't wait for "the world" to hear it!

Wednesday October 21st. Northern Liberties play a show with our long-time friends Buck Gooter in Philly at Wolf Cycles. 4311 Lancaster. There'll be another band I think, who I don't know yet.

A few days later, Saturday October 24th., Northern Liberties head off for a rare out of town show (though nearby) in Allentown PA. at Allentown Brew Works (812 Hamilton St.) We'll be playing with Horse and someone else I think.

Northern Liberties new record "Errant Ray" has gotten a few reviews, so far positive. READ WHAT MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL and RED GREEN YELLOW blog say HERE..... but don't take their word for it, order the record HERE!

Meanwhile research and labor continue in fits and starts of discovery, wonderment of unbelievable proportion, and odd happenstance in the creation of a Herbert E. Crowley art book/biography. I've put a few things on a blog HERE... more will come in the fullness of time.

Thanks for reading, please stay in tune in time.

class="Update">UPDATE - Aug. 8th., 2015

Several music events are pending - some soon and some distant. My new(ish) band The Invasive Species are playing THIS FRIDAY AUGUST 14th. in Philly at the Blue Grotto, an incredible art environment located inside the CEC Center, 3500 Lancaster Ave. We'll be sharing the bill with Eric Chocolates and Travis Woodson. - starts at 8 PM, $5.

The Invasive Species return on THURSDAY AUGUST 20th. at LAVA - further up Lancaster Ave. at 4134 Lancaster. We share the billing with EVIL SWORD, BIKE CRASH, and ALTHEA BAIRD (of SWARM) - starts at 7:30 PM, $5.

On Saturday August 22nd. Steve Weinik and I will host an "Atlas Obscura" event - a walking tour of Toynbee tiles in Philly. It starts at 12 noon and begins at Logan Square. Click HERE for details!

In October there will be a tape release show for The Invasive Species debut recording - probably Sat. Oct. 17th. Northern Liberties will play a rare out-of-Philly show in Allentown on Saturday Oct. 24th. - details forthcoming, watch this space!

That's all for now.... more will be revealed in the fullness of time.


UPDATE - Friday, June 5th., 2015

... a little late on the news update... I've been in a deep trance working on the Herbert Crowley book and on new artworks & musics. In the gap since last I wrote here Invasive Species played a show in Philly at Wolf Cycles on May 27th. with Anachristie, Shitty Summer & Mike Bruno. Sorry for the too-late notice!

TONIGHT!  - Friday June 5th. - 6 - 9 pm. Art show reception... I have several pieces of art - a few very large and several "medium" in an art show in Philly at Little Berlin Gallery - 2430 Coral St. The show is up until the end of the month, I think. SEE HERE.

Friday June 26th. - Fountainsun & Geb the Great Cackler in Philadelphia at Bartram's Garden Barn! This is a super special one-of -a-kind show. Fountainsun is a duo comprised of artist/musician Fumie Ishii and artist/musician Daniel Higgs, also known for his work with Lungfish, Skull Defekts, The Pupils, and a varied array of solo music.  Bartram's Barn is an incredible location we're very lucky to be able to have this show there. Bartram's Garden is at 5400 Lindbergh Blvd. - follow the lane back past the first parking lot to get to the Barn. Refreshments will be provided by Random Tea Room. Doors at 7 pm, music at 8.

Friday June 26th. - Art show reception 6 - 8 pm - I have three or four pieces of art in a show at the Mount Dora Center for the Arts in Florida. Address is 138 E. 5th. Ave., Mount Dora, FL. The show is up through July 28th. It's called "Raw and Ardor" and is presented by Coalition Ingenu, a non-profit for self-taught artists formerly located in Philly. DETAILS HERE.

Meanwhile... Northern Liberties sixth record "Errant Ray" can be ordered HERE or HERE.

And even deeper in meanwhileville.... The Invasive Species are recording and mixing with our friend Kellzo. We may have a show in Philly July 17th., but it's not set yet. In October Northern Liberties might play in Allentown PA.

UPDATE - Friday, April 3rd., 2015

Three music shows coming up in Philadelphia in April and May.

First, Friday April 10th., a new band I'm playing drums in, The Invasive Species, will play a birthday show/benefit at 5236 Chester Ave. in Philly with Shitty Summer and Suzy Subways Begins at 8 PM, and $5 goes to Human Rights Coalition.

Secondly, Thursday April 30th., Geb the Great Cackler will play at a truly incredible location - and one very, very special to us for personal reasons. This will be at the Drexel University Picture Gallery, 3141 Chestnut St. Starts 7 PM. The show will be non-amplified/electrified. We'll be playing with Drone Ranger and Laser Background. $5 benefits WKDU, free-format non-commercial radio in Philly!

Thirdly, Northern Liberties will play a RECORD RELEASE SHOW for our sixth full-length, "Errant Ray" on Friday May 29th. at Jonny Brenda's. It's at 1201 N. Frankford. We'll share the bill with S.T.A.R.W.O.O.D. and Westboro Baptist Choir. $10, 21+ Please go and get the new record!

- Thurs. Feb. 12th., 2015

Several impending events to announce, and a few glimmers of futures yet unformed:

Geb the Great Cackler are playing show TOMORROW/TODAY - Friday the 13th.! It's at 1336 s. 51st. St., and we'll be sharing the bill with Douglas Fur (from Pittsburgh), a banjo/tuba/vocal duo, Josie Harrow who sings and plays accordion, and Reade Bookes will play ballads. Starts at 8 PM.

I have an art show coming up! It's called "The Geometry of Time" and will mostly consist of copies of my interconnecting scroll drawings. The opening reception is the way to see it, as otherwise it's open by appointment only. Reception is from 6 - 9 PM @ House Gallery - 1816 Frankford Ave. The show is up until Sat. March 28th. Email them to make an appointment. THE GALLERY SITE IS HERE.

My band Hex Nine have a new recording, available only on the internet for now and for the forseeable future. Three songs recorded in 2014 by Seph at C.O.D.E., and two songs recorded at practice in 2010 and 2012, I think. It's called "Omniscribent Wyvern: Cyberspatial Gaspings from the Maw of the Hex Nine Hive." PLEASE FIND IT HERE.

I will also be interviewed on G-Town radio, the VOICE OF GERMANTOWN, on Wednesday March 4th. from 9 - 10:30. They're going to interview me about my artwork for the "Geometry of Time" show, and you can listen via the internet:

The band Northern Liberties has recorded a new album titled "Errant Ray." It is getting pressed right now and we hope to have a record release in May. More on that as it is.

My research into artist/musician/etc. Herbert E. Crowley is ongoing and is reaching some sort of apex, I think. I'm hoping there will be an art book to hold in one's hands in Spring of 2016. Keep dreaming about it!

That's all for now, thanks for reading. goodnight/evening/morning, *J*


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