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Past events related to my creative projects - music, visual, etc.

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UPDATE - Friday, June 5th., 2015

... a little late on the news update... I've been in a deep trance working on the Herbert Crowley book and on new artworks & musics. In the gap since last I wrote here Invasive Species played a show in Philly at Wolf Cycles on May 27th. with Anachristie, Shitty Summer & Mike Bruno. Sorry for the too-late notice!

TONIGHT!  - Friday June 5th. - 6 - 9 pm. Art show reception... I have several pieces of art - a few very large and several "medium" in an art show in Philly at Little Berlin Gallery - 2430 Coral St. The show is up until the end of the month, I think. SEE HERE.

Friday June 26th. - Fountainsun & Geb the Great Cackler in Philadelphia at Bartram's Garden Barn! This is a super special one-of -a-kind show. Fountainsun is a duo comprised of artist/musician Fumie Ishii and artist/musician Daniel Higgs, also known for his work with Lungfish, Skull Defekts, The Pupils, and a varied array of solo music.  Bartram's Barn is an incredible location we're very lucky to be able to have this show there. Bartram's Garden is at 5400 Lindbergh Blvd. - follow the lane back past the first parking lot to get to the Barn. Refreshments will be provided by Random Tea Room. Doors at 7 pm, music at 8.

Friday June 26th. - Art show reception 6 - 8 pm - I have three or four pieces of art in a show at the Mount Dora Center for the Arts in Florida. Address is 138 E. 5th. Ave., Mount Dora, FL. The show is up through July 28th. It's called "Raw and Ardor" and is presented by Coalition Ingenu, a non-profit for self-taught artists formerly located in Philly. DETAILS HERE.

Meanwhile... Northern Liberties sixth record "Errant Ray" can be ordered HERE or HERE.

And even deeper in meanwhileville.... The Invasive Species are recording and mixing with our friend Kellzo. We may have a show in Philly July 17th., but it's not set yet. In October Northern Liberties might play in Allentown PA.

UPDATE - Friday, April 3rd., 2015

Three music shows coming up in Philadelphia in April and May.

First, Friday April 10th., a new band I'm playing drums in, The Invasive Species, will play a birthday show/benefit at 5236 Chester Ave. in Philly with Shitty Summer and Suzy Subways Begins at 8 PM, and $5 goes to Human Rights Coalition.

Secondly, Thursday April 30th., Geb the Great Cackler will play at a truly incredible location - and one very, very special to us for personal reasons. This will be at the Drexel University Picture Gallery, 3141 Chestnut St. Starts 7 PM. The show will be non-amplified/electrified. We'll be playing with Drone Ranger and Laser Background. $5 benefits WKDU, free-format non-commercial radio in Philly!

Thirdly, Northern Liberties will play a RECORD RELEASE SHOW for our sixth full-length, "Errant Ray" on Friday May 29th. at Jonny Brenda's. It's at 1201 N. Frankford. We'll share the bill with S.T.A.R.W.O.O.D. and Westboro Baptist Choir. $10, 21+ Please go and get the new record!


UPDATE - Thurs. Feb. 12th., 2015

Several impending events to announce, and a few glimmers of futures yet unformed:

Geb the Great Cackler are playing show TOMORROW/TODAY - Friday the 13th.! It's at 1336 s. 51st. St., and we'll be sharing the bill with Douglas Fur (from Pittsburgh), a banjo/tuba/vocal duo, Josie Harrow who sings and plays accordion, and Reade Bookes will play ballads. Starts at 8 PM.

I have an art show coming up! It's called "The Geometry of Time" and will mostly consist of copies of my interconnecting scroll drawings. The opening reception is the way to see it, as otherwise it's open by appointment only. Reception is from 6 - 9 PM @ House Gallery - 1816 Frankford Ave. The show is up until Sat. March 28th. Email them to make an appointment. THE GALLERY SITE IS HERE.

My band Hex Nine have a new recording, available only on the internet for now and for the forseeable future. Three songs recorded in 2014 by Seph at C.O.D.E., and two songs recorded at practice in 2010 and 2012, I think. It's called "Omniscribent Wyvern: Cyberspatial Gaspings from the Maw of the Hex Nine Hive." PLEASE FIND IT HERE.

I will also be interviewed on G-Town radio, the VOICE OF GERMANTOWN, on Wednesday March 4th. from 9 - 10:30. They're going to interview me about my artwork for the "Geometry of Time" show, and you can listen via the internet:

The band Northern Liberties has recorded a new album titled "Errant Ray." It is getting pressed right now and we hope to have a record release in May. More on that as it is.

My research into artist/musician/etc. Herbert E. Crowley is ongoing and is reaching some sort of apex, I think. I'm hoping there will be an art book to hold in one's hands in Spring of 2016. Keep dreaming about it!

That's all for now, thanks for reading. goodnight/evening/morning, *J*

UPDATE - Friday, Jan. 2nd., 2015

Lots of rumors and hopes for the year of 2015, but not much solid to report right now. A quick note to announce the debut show of a brand-new band I'm playing drums in called The Invasive Species. Our first show will be a benefit for legal defense of police brutality protesters in Ferguson, MO. Please come out to see this new music, plus three others - Pushin' It 2 The Limit, Bike Crash, and Tight Spots (from NYC). F--book event page can be found HERE if you're willing to plunge into F--book.

UPDATE - Mon. Dec. 22nd., 2014

I'm happy to announce that I will five pieces of art in an art show in Lakelend, Florida, at Polk State College. The show was organized by Coalition Ingenu, a self-taught artist's organization previously based in Philadelphia. The show opens Mon. January 5th. and runs through Thurs. Jan. 29th. SEE HERE! I also have an art show in Philly in March. Geb the Great Cackler played a last minute show in Philly on Friday Dec. 12th. - happened too fast to get it on here, sorry! However, if you're sad you missed that, we have another show coming up in Philly on Monday the 29th. The address isn't being put online, but please email eulogycontact@hotmail.com and I will tell you the address. Here's a flyer by Mandy:

In other news, Northern Liberties will have a new record soon. It'll be called 'Errant Ray.' More on that as it develops. Thanks for looking/reading!

UPDATE - Sat. Nov. 1st., 2014

As I write this I am using my other hand to pack for my upcoming trip to Switzerland to research one of my all-time favorite artists, Herbert E. Crowley. I'll be there for a few weeks, and upon my return Northern Liberties will have a band practice and play a show... look to the left to see the details. Then we'll play in Philly again in December, in another neighborhood. I also have an art show coming up! It's been a while, so that's exciting news. It will be on Friday March 6th., 2015. It will be at House Gallery 1816, at 1816 Frankford Ave. It will only be open by appointment after the opening, so please mark your calendar for the opening if you'd like to see it!

UPDATE - Wed. Sept. 17th., 2014

Geb the Great Cackler are beside ourselves to announce an upcoming show on Wednesday, October 1st. with Mecca Normal & Oceans Roar 1000 Drums at the Random Tea Room in Philly. Starts promptly at 7, and we play first. Here's a flyer that Mandy made for it:

UPDATE - Wed. Sept. 10th. 2014

Northern Liberties will play two rare out-of-town shows in upstate New York this weekend. Come see us Friday Sept. 12th. in Buffalo and Saturday Sept. 13th. in Ithaca! Flyers:


UPDATE - Mon. Aug. 4th. 2014

Geb the Great Cackler are very excited to announce this last minute show - we'll be playing a 4 PM picnic and music show with legendary cellist Lori Goldston, whose long and fabled musical path has included collaborations with Nirvana, David Byrne, Cat Power, and too many more to list... watch a cool mini-doc about her music here: *********.... and here's a performance from 1994 with Nirvana: ******. We're also jumping mad with glee to be playing with Sir Reade Moore Books and Back To Canudos... so please do come out and enjoy food, drinks, and music! It's at 3947 Ogden Street, West Philly. Hope to see you!

ALSO - Northern Liberties are playing a weekend of rare out-of-town shows in NY state. We'll be in Buffalo NY @ Hickory Urban Sanctuary  232 Pratt) on Friday Sept. 12th., and Ithaca NY @ Chanti Loft on Sat. Sept. 13th. More details soon!

UPDATE - Mon. July 28th., 2014

Just a quick late-notice heads-up - Northern Liberties have a show this coming Saturday, August 2nd. in Philly at LAVA Space (4143 Lancaster Ave.). Details can be seen on the flyer:

.... and more information can be seen HERE.


UPDATE - Sun. June 16th. 2014.

Geb the Great Cackler have been playing a flurry of shows in Philly lately, and the last of those is coming up soon, this coming Sunday the 22nd. Here's a flyer:

It's Sun. the 22nd. at 216 Buckingham. Starts promptly at 8 PM and will be hopefully done by 9:30! We're playing with a band from Portland Maine called HIGH SPIRITS and local JOSH JONES of the band UNIVOX. See you there we hope! For archival reasons I'd also like to mention that we recently played two other shows - Fri. June 13th. at the BLUE GROTTO with BEAUTIFUL DREAM BAND and Fri. June 6th. at Random Tea room with MEANER PENCIL, READE MOORE BOOKS, and FESTER...... just for the record! Sorry for the late notice!



UPDATE - April 6th., 2014

A few music shows are coming up - there are some potential art showings, but they're not confirmed yet. The spring-time season for music thus far:

Sat. April 26th., Geb the Great Cackler will play at Wolf Cycles (4311 Lancaster Ave.) with the always incredible Laura Baird and Fountainsun, which is a new two-piece project from Daniel Higgs and Fumie Ishii. I drew a flyer for this one:

This show will really start at 7 PM, and we will play first, so please get there promptly if you plan to go!

Saturday May 17th., Northern Liberties has a rare out-of-Philly show in Kutztown PA. at Rattail Records (15 E. Main St. Kutztown PA.)! Details are as of yet foggy, but the date and place are secure.

Tuesday May 27th. Erode and Disappear will play at PhilaMOCA (531 N. 12th. St. Philadelphia)


UPDATE - March 10th., 2014

Geb the Great Cackler have three shows on the horizon, as well as a related art show of photocopied work with participation by myself and Mandy. Please come to visit us as we travel through the lovely cities of Chicago IL., Pittsburgh PA., and Buffalo NY. 

Our travels begin in Chicago on Friday March 14th., with me and Mandy having many pieces of photocopied work such as zines, collaged copies, photocopied transfers on fabric and large scroll drawing copies in an art show titled UNCOMMON Copies at the Church of Templehead (1901 S. Allport St.). MORE DETAILS HERE.

The second of these four events will be a show titled UNCOMMON Music, also at the Church of Templehead  in Chicago on Sat. March 15th. We'll be joining Laughing Eye Weeping Eye, Giant Squid Autopsy, and Columba Fasciata. There will be food served, and the event begins at 6pm. MORE DETAILS HERE.

We then return home and take a deep breath before heading out to Buffalo NY. on Friday March 28th., to play a show at Hickory Urban Sanctuary (232 Pratt) with Strega (Lara Buckley), Kevin Cain, Gumwads, and Pam Swarts. It starts at 8pm and will be beyond-the-stars-dreamy. MORE DETAILS HERE.

Finally, though all is not said and done, and our story will continue for some unknown time, we will play in Pittsburgh PA. on Saturday March 29th. at The Shop (4314 Main St., zipcode 15224) with Evil Twin, Zach Haras, Gym Lingo, and a special environment-altering color-scape by Guinovore Oh Glacier. MORE DETAILS HERE.

I hope you can visit us on our journey For those back home in Philly, we have some special surprises in the works.... watch this space!


UPDATE - Feb. 8th., 2014

I just got the details for the other musics that Northern Liberties will be joining for the 22nd. show. YES it's a lot of bands, but YES it will be a top show of 2014! SO excited for this show! Look to the left!

UPDATE - Feb. 4th., 2014

Erode and Disappear are playing a show on Sat. Feb. 15th. - Two Piece Fest 2014! This will almost certainly be our ONLY show this year! It's at Pi-Lam (3914 Spruce) in Philly. 22 bands, starts at 2 PM. Not sure when we play - you could contact event organizers at the link above for info. or email me and I'll let you know when I know.

UPDATE - Jan. 12th., 2014

Geb the Great Cackler have a show in Chicago slated for Sat. March 15th. @ Church of Templehead Gallery! We're working on finding something in Wisconsin for the 16th., but please come see us in Chicago! Church of Templehead is at 1901 S. Allport St.

 UPDATE - Jan. 9th., 2014

I will have two pieces of art in a show called 'Friends and Neighbors' at 40th. St. AIR Gallery, 4013 Chestnut St. Philadelphia. The opening reception is Fri. Jan. 24th., from 6 to 9 PM. Check out a list of the other artists in the show and read about the gallery HERE!

UPDATE - Dec. 25th., 2013

 Northern Liberties have two (possibly three) shows coming up. There are two confirmed shows coming up - Sat. January 25th. and Sat. Feb. 22nd., both at Beaumont Warehouse in Philly (50th. & Beaumont) - there's a possible show in Allentown PA. on Fri. Feb. 21st. More on that if/when it is confirmed. Lots looming for the new year. Onward!

Research into Herbert E. Crowley and his comic strip "The Wiggle-Much" from 1910 has recently met with major, major breakthroughs! Thanks to my friend Billy of the band Buck Gooter, we've gotten enough attention to now be in contact with one of Crowley's relatives in Switzerland. I think 2014 will be the Wigglemuch year! Check out our blog featuring an archive of Herbert Crowley's comics and art HERE and some press we got for it HERE!

UPDATE - Nov. 13th., 2013 

Geb the Great Cackler have two shows coming up in Philly. The first is THIS FRIDAY, the 15th. at Wooden Shoe - 704 South St. with Lightnin' Seed & Pretty Good Year. It starts at 7 PM, and is free though donations for touring musicians are encouraged. If you get to South Street earlier, you can still catch the art show I'm in up the street - it's the final day!! See some blog-talk about this show HERE and HERE!

Here's a flyer for the show on the 15th.:


Geb the Great Cackler have another show on Saturday, Nov. 30th. in West Philadelphia! Sharing the bill will be The Nature Boys (from Kansas City), Destroying Angel, and Theurgist. You can find the details on this f-cebook event page BY CLICKING HERE.


UPDATE - Sept. 29th., 2013

I will have some art in a Coalition Ingenu group show at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens in October. This is the final Coalition Ingenu show in Philadelphia. They've been presenting work by/aiding self-taught artists in Philly since 1995, so this is a not-to-be-missed show. The Magic Gardens are at 1020 South St. The opening is Fri. Oct. 11th. from 6 - 9 PM. The show will run from Oct. 4th. through Nov. 17th. I won't be able to attend the opening, but I plan to stop by on the 4th.


Saturday Oct. 12th. is the Philly Zine Fest. I deeply regret that I will also be unable to attend this in person, but my friend Suzy Subways will have some new stuff of mine available at her table - my new (limited to 25 signed/numbered copies of the "1st. printing") autobiographic comic book (which is also issue # 66 of my zine), and new large poster-sized prints. It's at the Rotunda, 4014 Walnut, and starts around noon.


Northern Liberties have a show looming on Fri. October 18th. in Philly at 4500 Kingsessing Ave. with 2Suns. Details forthcoming.

UPDATE - Sept. 12th, 2013

Several very special music shows coming up in this month of September - Geb The Great Cackler will release our second full-length recording, with the help of our friend Kellzo! It will be a cassette and booklet with art and lyrics for all the songs. The release show is set for Friday Sept. 13th. at the Satellite Cafe - 701 S. 50th. St. in Philly. We'll be joined by ASTICKANDASTONE, JOHN THE BAPTIST (Kellzo's solo project) as well as a super-special secret mystery guest! See the flyer below for more details!

09.13 flyer

Saturday Sept. 21st., Northern Liberties will play at LAVA (4134 Lancaster Ave., Philly) with ASTICKANDASTONE , Forest Kingdom and Long Vera - the evening will be hosted by + Voyager +, there will be performance art by Sean Glass, and readings by Eighteen of Metropolarity A f--book event page can be found HERE:

Finally, I'll be closing out the month with another appearance of Geb The Great Cackler - Saturday, September 29th., at the Random Tea Room - playing new songs and material not played at the release show! We're shoutingly happy to be joined by Laura Baird and Sir Reade Moore Books (of Nothing Factory, Horrible Dept. et al - playing ballads) See the flyer below for more details!

09.13 flyer

Looking beyond September and into the further future -- I will have some art in the FINAL Coalition Ingenu show (in Philly at least - they're relocating to Florida) which will be at Philadelphia's famed and acclaimed Magic Gardens The opening is Friday, October 4th. I leave for Hawaii the next day, so please come see me off and view the art!

The Philly Zine Fest this year falls during the time I will be out of the continent, but I hope to get someone to table for me. More news on that as/if it develops!

Looking back - a creative highlight of my life was to join legendary 80's-era Philadelphia band RUIN... as a guest vocalist for their first shows in 16 years - a small, secret club show for "rehearsal", and a larger show that I estimate approx. 600 people attended. I did double-band duty as Northern Liberties also opened the second show. A harrowing/daunting task, but one so truly dream-like I couldn't refuse. There is a DVD video of this show forthcoming, but for now, there are some youtube videos from the audience. Here's one:

More news to come as time unfolds and we see what it contains. I'm getting a new computer soon (thanks to some folks who bought some artwork from me!) so updates may become more frequent as my technology-access becomes more sophisticated.

UPDATE - July 16th, 2013

Several spring-season music shows are imminent! In chronological order:

Many music events on the horizon!! There are also some rumors of art events, but nothing with solid dates yet. Here's what I know now, and as I know more I'll try to get the word out.


Northern Liberties have a weekend of rare out-of-town shows coming up! The first will be Friday July 19th. @ Strange Matter in Richmond VA. (929 W. Grace St.) w/ Candidate Demo, Caves Caverns, and Stone Garden Jam Temple. It's 18+, starts at 9 PM and is an affordable show at $6! Flyer:

Northern Liberties flyer

Saturday July 20th. Northern Liberties play a house show @ a place called Safe House in Harrisonburg, VA. with Crab Action and Yardang. Flyer:

Northern Liberties flyer

Sunday August 11th. Geb The Great Cackler play in Philly with Dog and Black Is Black, and maybe one more. Venue isn't set yet, but email if you're interested and I'll let you know when I do!

Saturday August 24th. Northern Liberties might play a live set on Drexel University college radio, WKDU. I'm not sure if this is set up though, it's just a rumor I heard.... but I have it on my calendar with a squiggly question mark next to it, so you should too.

Saturday August 31st. Northern Liberties play in Philly with RUIN... (legendary 80's band from Philly reunited for this one show only!) Pagan Babies (another legend!) and Mischief Brew at Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden. RUIN will feature all original members, including BOTH drummers. I am beyond excited to say that I'll be providing additional vocals, and have been rehearsing with them.... it is sounding incredible, and this is a show I'd list as my top show of 2013 even if I was only involved as an audience member.

Advance tickets can be had here.

Plus - there is a kickstarter page up with the goal of re-releasing Ruin's two albums on vinyl & CD, as well as recording/releasing video/audio of this show! It will also help cover costs such as having band members flown in from distant locales to do the show. You can get tickets to the show plus extras by pledging, so check that out, too:


Last item on the music itinerary -- the LONG AWAITED Geb The Great Cackler tape/book release party for our (long-awaited!) new full-length recording "Tin Rooster House." Me and Mandy did illustrative drawings for each of the twelve songs and those will feature in a book that will accompany a cassette of the music. Digital download link will be shared, also.

The release party is Friday the 13th. of September @ The Satellite Cafe - 50th. and Baltimore in Philly. Our friend Kellzo, who recorded these songs, will perform solo, and we'll have one other musical guest yet to be revealed. Here's what the tapes look like:

Geb the Great Cackler flyer

I also want to mention that I put up a LOT of music for "pay what you want" download at Northern Liberties bandcamp. VISIT THAT HERE!


I have been at work on an autobiographical comic book. My goal is for the first issue to be 24 pages, and it will cover my life from ages 0 - 15. I am almost done with that, I think I have 20 or 21 pages done so far. I'm hoping to unveil it at the next Philly zine fest, though I don't know when that is yet.... so we'll see how that goes.

Through August 2nd. I have two pieces of art in Philadelphia's City Hall, as part of a group show called 'Living In Light', dedicated, and mostly comprised of, members of the Coalition Ingenu art collective that have passed away.

There is more coming up, but it's all shrouded in the mists of or in a state of embryonic forming. I will try my best to let people know as the picture clears up.

That's all for now, thanks for looking, and please keep your ear to the ground and your eyes on the skies!


UPDATE - June 5th, 2013

I will have a couple pieces of art in a group show featuring artists who were part of Coalition Ingenu who are no longer living, called "Living in Light". Obviously I am still alive (hopefully even as you read this) so there will be some art by people still living, but the themes of these pieces will pertain to the subject at hand. One of my pieces in this show is partially a eulogy to fellow Coalition Ingenu member Renee Leshner, who died in 2012. This will be a powerful show and I strongly encourage anyone who reads this to attend!

The show is presented by Coalition Ingenu at Philadelphia's City Hall, on the 2nd. and 4th. floors. The show opens Monday June 10th., and the reception is Thursday June 13th. from 5 - 7 PM. There will also be an exhibit of art by recent art school graduates on the 1st. floor office gallery.


UPDATE - April 7th, 2013

Several spring-season music shows are imminent! In chronological order:

Sunday, April 21st., at Reverse Gallery (2728 Girard Ave.) Geb The Great Cackler , Resonant Rogues (from Asheville NC.), Goldbug, and Shaina Kapeluck (of The New Heaven and the New Earth) 7 PM - all ages - donations requested.

April 21st flyer

Wed. May 1st. at Highwire Gallery (2040 Frankford Ave.) Geb The Great Cackler , Spires That In The Sunset Rise ,and Fence Kitchen 7:30 PM, $6 - $8 sliding scale, all ages.

May 1st flyer

Saturday May 11th. at top-secret mystery location in Philly (email me at eulogycontact@hotmail.com for all the details I know) Northern Liberties will play. I don't know anything else about this one!

Friday, May 24th. at Wolf Cycles (4311 Lancaster Ave.) Hex Nine, Moira Scar, and Drums Like Machine Guns- 7:30 PM - all ages.

In other news -- Geb The Great Cackler have sent off music to be reproduced in cassette format. This will eventually be available with digital download and some sort of hand made booklet with lyrics and art. Wait for it! There are rumors and rumblings of some art showings etc., but nothing confirmed yet. Very exciting rumors, though! Wait for that, also.

UPDATE - Feb. 20th, 2013

"Idiosynchronicity", a Coalition Ingenu group show - coming up in March! Opening is Fri. March 8th 6-9 PM at A Seed On Diamond Gallery, 124 Diamond St. in Philly. This show is up from March 1st through March 31st. I'll have some not-often-seen pieces in this one!

Idiosynchronicity Post Card

UPDATE - Feb. 3rd, 2013

An art show and a batch of music shows loom on the near horizon!

ART SHOW - soon --

DownSIZED, presented by A Square Deal

Group show of artists showing one small square piece and one larger piece. Opening reception is Sunday Feb. 10th. from 2 -4 PM @ Cheltenham Center for the Arts - 439 Ashbourne Rd., Cheltenham PA. 19012 The show will be up through March 9th.

I have several new and finely detailed pieces in this show. I regret that I can't be at the opening, because I'll be on a music-tour, but please do go, and if you have any questions you can email me!


I recently dropped off a few items at some local stores that were kind enough to accept my work on consignment. You can now find my most recent zine at Moon Comics (34 S 40th St), and also two copies of large poster-sized art print #19.

Vix Emporium (5009 Baltimore Ave.) also now has two copies of this same poster-sized art print. Signed and numbered, #19 of the interconnecting series. Please support these fine local businesses who in turn support local artists by letting them cosign work!


Music shows - coming up fast -- GEB THE GREAT CACKLER goes on TOUR and MORE!!!

Erode and Disappear regret to inform you that we just played a show on Feb. 2nd. at the annual 'two piece fest' here in Philly! We hope you found out! Sorry for the late notice!

Geb The Great Cackler are going on a short tour in February. Our friend Suzy Subways will be coming along and reading a short piece of poetry at most of these shows. Please come out to see us!! Here are the dates/places:

Thurs. Feb. 7th. - Baltimore MD. - Overlea Station, 6900 Bel Air Rd. - this is an open mic, though we'll play a full set! So come on out - you could even sign up and read some poems etc.!

Fri. Feb. 8th. - Harrisonburg, VA. Little Grill Collective, 621 N Main St w/ Terry Turtle, SEW, Dark Hollow Falls, and psychedelic liquid projections by Lord Candy Dish

Sat. Feb. 9th. -Asheville. NC - house show (email for address!) with One Tough Cookie and Chris Head.

Sun. Feb. 10th. - Johnson City TN. - Hideaway, 235 E Main St (they've had one of my big posters hanging up there framed since 2006 when Northern Liberties played there!)

Mon. Feb. 11th. - Greensboro TN. @ a house show w/ The Three-brained Robot and Lechugillas (email if you want the address/more info)

Tues. Feb. 12th. - Richmond VA. House Show (again, email for the info/address).... w/ Swamptrees and Alison Self

Hex Nine are playing at El Bar (1356 N. Front St.) on Sat. March 9th. - it's a benefit show for Project Safe - a great cause, and also the record release for our new album "Come, Puke With Us." Also it will be our first show in over a year!

More news to be announced after I return from the tour. Stay in tune!

UPDATE - Dec. 2nd, 2012

Northern Liberties to play farewell show for Fake House! THIS SATURDAY December 8th. - last show ever at the legendary Fake House in Philadelphia! Say farewell with F.O.D., Mischief Brew, Northern Liberties, HIRS, Cop Problem & more TBA! An independent platform for music and art for decades, this place will be missed - preceded in death by Stalag and Killtime. I played here several times over the years, the first time being in 1995! 39th. and Lancaster Ave.... you'll see it. Email with any questions - eulogycontact@hotmail.com

UPDATE - Sept. 21st, 2012

A storm of art events to report --- almost too much for me to keep track of! I'll list them in the order of occurrence.

First, I will have some work in a group show presented by Coalition Ingenu at Outsiders Art and Collectibles in Durham, NC. If anyone is in the area, please visit this show - it will be well worth the visit! The show opens September 25th. and runs through October 26th. Opening reception is Saturday, September 29, 5:30 – 8:00 PM. Find details HERE.

I will have two art pieces (one original drawing and one large print) that can be seen aboard the tall ship Gazela, docked at Penn's Landing in Philly! This is part of an art event that will benefit the ship preservation guild. My original art piece deals with the sinking of the commercial fishing boat I worked on in the 90's. This event begins September 28th. and runs through October 7th. DETAILS HERE.

A large collection of copies of my poster-size scroll drawings will be wheatpasted to the exterior windows of a West Philly studio (Traction Company, 4100 Haverford Ave.) right around the corner from my old neighborhood. Some of these will even be reproduced in color, and all at original size! In the interior, copies of all 20 drawings will be seen connected together! The exterior wheatpastes will remain for a month, but the interior exhibit of the mural-sized drawing (now approaching 55 feet!) will only be viewable for one weekend. Exterior art goes up Oct. 5th., but opening reception is Sat. Oct. 6th. from 5 - 8 PM. It will be featured as part of the Philadelphia Open Studios tour. DETAILS HERE.

Here is the promotional postcard, with a depiction of what one of the wheatpasted windows will look like:

Post Invite

Lastly, but certainly not of least importance, I will be participating in the annual PHILLY ZINE FEST. I'm proud to say I haven't missed a year, and this is year number ten! This will be held Oct. 27th. at The Rotunda (4012 Walnut) from noon 'til 5 PM. I'll have a new issue of my zine, large scroll-drawings, and maybe (if luck prevails) a special memorial/tribute zine to Renee Leshner - one of my all-time favorite artists and consistent contributor to my zine since 2009, who passed from this material dimension in 2012. I hope to someday help into existence a book of her work, but this is all a long way in the future, if ever.

In music news - Hex Nine have a new album recorded, but we're bad at setting up shows. We fantasize about doing a release party though! We also have been writing new songs. Geb the Great Cackler are planning to record a batch of new songs in late September. Three years worth of new songs await recording! There's a phantastical rumor of a Hex Nine/ Geb the Great Cackler split 7". Northern Liberties are teaming up with our guitarist pal Brian Nothing to play Black Flag cover songs for Halloween. We promise variety - early and later eras will be represented, and my brother is doing the vocals! Erode and Disappear have one show scheduled for 2013 - two piece fest! We have a good idea that is secret for the time being.

That's all I know right now. Check back later and I'll know more.

UPDATE - August 7th, 2012

Slightly late announcement of a music show I'm very excited about! Geb the Great Cackler will play Thursday Aug. 30th. here in Philly at Random Tea Room (713 N. 4th. St.) with some of our favorite musicians ever- DANIEL HIGGS and TIVA TIVA. This show starts at 8 PM and hat will be passed for the musicians. See a flyer below. We are overjoyed at the thought of this musical evening. We hope to see you all there!

Geb the Great Cackler flyer

UPDATE - June 17th, 2012

GEB THE GREAT CACKLER are thrilled to announce a last minute show with JOEY MOLINARO , from Basilica, who plays virtuosic and intense violin while accompanying himself with speedy and amazingly accurate footwork for percussion.

see a video:

VALERIE KUEHNE , from Dream Zoo, will play avant garde cello with elements drawn from classical music and really gut wrenching vocals.

The show will be at Lave Space - 4132 Lancaster ave. THIS THURSDAY July 19th. Starts around 8 PM.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately - I sadly missed reporting two Erode & Disappear shows here since last I checked in - at Clark Park (outdoor show in Philly) and with TROPHY WIFE (who so kindly invited us to play their record release show) and the stupefying LOZEN ! Hopefully some of you found out about these shows anyway! I've been moving and my life was turned temporarily topsy-turvy. In many ways it always is, so maybe it's no excuse. Enough apologizing, see you next time!

UPDATE - June 1st, 2012

There are several very exciting things to broadcast, but a myriad of technical glitches have prevented me from getting this update on-line as quickly as I'd have liked to.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 6th. come to the porch at 30th. St. Station at 6 PM for a launching party for "Heart and Soul" - a group of hand-decorated art-pianos! I was one of eight artists/groups invited to be part of a project in which each invitee decorates a piano, which is then installed in public for two weeks. People can come by the locations and play the pianos! Photos and videos will come soon, as soon as my tech issues are worked out. For now, you can see more information, including a list of locations HERE. Mine will be at 36th. & Walnut!

FRIDAY JUNE 8th. Geb The Great Cackler will be thrilled to play Providence, RI. at the opening reception soiree for "Witches and Mad Prophets", a hand printed art folio book which includes art by Mandy Katz, the violin/vocal half of Geb. Prints of work from the artists who contributed to the book will be available at the show, as well as music! It's at Machines With Magnets - 400 Main Street Pawtucket, RI 02860. See times & details on the flyer here -

Providence Flyer

FRIDAY JUNE 15th. Northern Liberties play in Philly at Beaumont Warehouse (corner of 51st. & Beaumont) - this will serve as a release party for our long-delayed collaboration album, which began in 2006! It will be a zine with a page for each collaborator, and a disc in a card-sleeve with printing. We will share the musical night with Akkolyte and Rollin' Stones. Preview the collaborative recordings HERE.

SATURDAY JUNE 30th. Erode and Disappear will play the Clark Park summer-fest in beautiful Clark Park, west Philly - 43rd. & Chester. We play at 5:45 PM.

THURSDAY JULY 5th.Erode and Disappear will play somewhere in Philadelphia. Details forthcoming!

UPDATE - May 4th., 2012

A batch of music shows coming up!

Sat. May 26th. - @ Mojo, 270 E. Main St. in Newark, DE. - NORTHERN LIBERTIES, Clobbersaurus, Keep For Yourself, The Fakirs. First out-of-Philly show for Northern Liberties in three years!

Friday June 8th. - Geb The Great Cackler in Providence RI.  details tba!

Sat. June 9th. - Geb The Great Cackler in Maine details tba!

Friday June 15th - Northern Liberties, Akkolyte (from TX.) and Rollin' Stones @ Beaumont WhereHouse - 51st. and Beaumont Ave. in Philly.

Some press about the recent art show has surfaced -- SEE HERE and HERE! Also a nice review of the most recent Northern Liberties record HERE! They also put up a review of the Erode & Disappear record - HERE.

Thanks to Coalition Ingenu, Gallery 309, Mandy, Kelso, and Jon for helping to make the April art show & film screenings happen!


UPDATE - March 9th., 2012

Big news!! I am thrilled to announce a solo art-show in April at GALLERY 309  (309 Cherry St. in Old City) here in Philadelphia! This show will feature a vast array of works spanning many years, including many of the large scroll-pictures. In addition, there will be two free screenings of 'Resurrect Dead' at the gallery, with limited seating. Opening reception is April 6th. from  6 - 9 PM. Film screenings will be Fri. April 13, 6 - 9:30 (film to begin at 7 PM) and again Fri., April 27, 6 - 9:30 (film to begin at 7 PM)

In addition, I have a few (four or so) artworks in a Coalition Ingenu group show at St. Asaph's in Philly. The opening is tonight (March 9th.) from 6 - 8 PM and the show will be up through April 1st. Details such as directions @ ST. ASAPH'S site. This group show is called "Another Story..." and features work from Coalition Ingenu members which employ text of narrative imagery.

There are some music shows in the works - Geb The Great Cackler on March 24th., and Erode & Disappear April 10th., but locations aren't know to me yet. Keep watch!

UPDATE - FEB. 13th., 2012

GEB THE GREAT CACKLER will play FRI. FEB. 24th. @ Wolf Cycles in Philly - 4311 Lancaster Ave., 7:30 PM. w/ DREAM BAND, ROCKIT FROM A DRONE, and THANK YOU ROSEKIND

ERODE AND DISAPPEAR will play at the fifth annual Philly Two-Piece Fest on Sat. Feb. 25th. at The Rotunda - 4014 Walnut St. The music starts at 2:00 PM, but we are scheduled to play 2nd. to last at 10:30 PM.

GEB THE GREAT CACKLER will play in NYC on Sat. March 3rd. - details forthcoming.

GEB THE GREAT CACKLER have been practicing a new set using drums (we were previously mostly acoustic string instruments), so watch out for that! HEX NINE are in the midst of recording a new full length, which we'll probably spread around on CD-R and/or online.

There's rumor of an art show in April, and also I think I may have some work in a group art show in March. Details also looming. Watch this space!!!

UPDATE - January 21st., 2012

Read an amusingly exaggerated mini-review of my recent short lecture on Toynbee tiles in NYC HERE!

UPDATE - January 6th., 2012

I'd like to apologize to the theoretical, imaginary person who regularly checks here for information! The month of Dec. was quite a blur, Hex Nine played a show, Geb played two shows (both on New Year's) and more happened than I can remember. I was featured on national television for the Toynbee film, on the show 'Last Call With Carson Daly.' See the segment HERE!

I did a lengthy interview via email for a Portland, OR. based blog/record label, covering many topics. READ IT HERE!

That catches us up with the gap of time since the last update, so let's GO TO THE FUTURE!!

First, MONDAY JANUARY 9th., I will be doing a half-hour lecture, accompanied by images, about the history of Toynbee tiles in New York City. It starts at 7:30 PM at Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St. in Brooklyn. It's free! I promise to talk about some aspects never before spoken of to a public audience, and it will be my LAST public speaking engagement on the topic EVER!

Second, Erode & Disappear have three shows coming up: TUESDAY 17th. in Harrisonburg, VA @ Blue Nile w/ Buck Gooter, Malatese, Kids Garden

WEDNESDAY 18th., somewhere in Blacksburg, VA. w/ Buck Gooter & more. Details forthcoming.

THURSDAY 19th., in Philly at Green Line Cafe (4426 Locust) w/ Buck Gooter & SGNLS

SATURDAY 21st. Split Red have a show in Philly at the El Bar (1356 N. Front St.) with Dirty Toms and Lantern.

SATURDAY 28th. Northern Liberties play in Philly for the zine-release party of Vol. 3 of  Bam Pow zine. This show is so mysterious that even I have no idea where it will happen. Please stay tuned! I will update!!

There's a rumor of an art show in Philly in March, so check back about that, also. Until next time, this is your bird-radio pilot saying 'over + out.'


UPDATE - Tues. Nov. 1st. 2011 (Day of the Dead)

Since last logging in here (back in mid September) there have been a few Geb The Great Cackler shows, including a special Halloween night at the C.O.D.E.! Hex Nine and Geb are both working toward recording new albums. I took the new Northern Liberties record around to a lot of local Philly record stores (Marvelous, Long in the Tooth, AKA, Repo, Wooden Shoe) so look for it if you're in Philly! Long in the Tooth (20th & Sansom) also has copies of one of the newer large drawings. Wooden Shoe has the most recent 'Decades of Confusion.'

 'Resurrect Dead' continues its theatrical run! It'll be screening in Pittsburgh this Friday (Nov. 4th.) as part of the Three Rivers Film Fest. Check out a write up in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette HERE!

Sunday Nov. 13th. is the PHILLY ZINE FEST! I will be there with a new zine and maybe even a brand new large-format drawing, but I can say with certainty that I will have copies of some of the older designs! It's a wonderful event that I've tabled at for the past nine years. Don't miss it! Visit the above link for details!

 Northern Liberties have a show coming up (!!) on Saturday Nov. 19th at 'Motel Hell', in South Philly at 1336 McKean. Also playing will be Combine, Estella, and Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air.

 Northern Liberties LONG awaited collaboration album will perhaps soon see the light of day, although we're broke and so it may be in a limited format. Nevertheless, it's a triumph!

 During the month of October there was a storm of interviews etc., some related to the Toynbee tile film, and some more generally or specifically about art, music etc. I imagine these will slowly leak out over the course of the next few months. One that has already appeared is THIS PIECE about Toynbee tiles & the 'Resurrect Dead' film at 'Hidden City Philadelphia.'

UPDATE - Sat. Sept. 10th. 2011

Once again, as per usual - sorry for the infrequent updating, for anyone who reads this! Since the last update here, the Coalition Ingenu show at Magic Gardens happened, and was beyond incredible! READ A REVIEW OF THE SHOW HERE!

Geb The Great Cackler played a show in Philly, and there was a weekend of Q &A at the theatrical screenings of Resurrect Dead in NYC. It was so nice to see some old friends and meet some new ones while there, and a 'shout out' is due to House of Hades!

Thursday night, Sept. 8th., marked the Philly premier of 'Resurrect Dead', and the audience was the most spirited and engaged of any audience at any screening I have seen (and I've seen a lot) so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for that!! It's like a wedding, with all the friends & family & co-workers - an 'art wedding.'

I'll be doing the Q & A along with Jon, Colin & Steve for these Philly screenings, and I'll have zines, poster-prints, and art stuff while it lasts. Steve will have prints of some of his superb photography, and there are also marquee posters.

That's all for the moment, more as it comes, and sorry as ever for dragging my e-feet in regards to updating things here!

Update - Mon. July 4th. 2011

I'll have an art show hanging at the Ocean County Public Library in Toms River, NJ. The show will be up July 1st. through July 30th., with a closing reception on the 30th from 2 - 4 PM. The show consists of the (approx.) 45 foot "paper mural" project hanging on the 2nd. floor, and 13 or 14 framed smaller pieces in the 1st. floor gallery. The location of the library can be found in the "events' box. Also note that the closing date on the postcard is incorrect, as the show was extended for a few days last minute. I've also donated a hand-made zine anthology book to the library which will hopefully be available for viewing in the library soon. 

Update - May 13th. 2011

Erode & Disappear are going on tour in June with our friends Stinking Lizaveta! See "upcoming events" for tour dates & locations. In the interim since the last update the Toynbee tile documentary screened in Canada at Hoc Docs film fest, Hex Nine played a show, and the Geb The Great Cackler record release/birthday bash occurred. I have two art shows coming up - one in July and one in August. See the "posters" link on this site to view the newest in the large connective drawings series. More news as it comes!

Update March 5th. 2011

A batch of music shows on the horizon -- see the "upcoming events" box for details. There will be a screening of the Toynbee tile movie in New York City on Tuesday the 29th. of March. You can read details and order a ticket at STRANGER THAN FICTION. There's been a few music shows that went by unannounced here since the last update. Erode and Disappear have a new 7 inch split with Peter and Craig. The new Northern Liberties album is named Glowing Brain Garden. The new Geb The Great Cackler album is named Life In Prism. Both will exist soon. I'm going to try to add some lower priced stuff to the 'sales' section here, or drop the prices of the big prints closer to what I sell them for in person. So look for that. Alright, see you in real life!

Update Jan.13th. 2011

Lots of preparation for the trip to Sundance film fest for the premier of the Toynbee tile movie. New Northern Liberties album is recorded. There will soon be some changes to the site including the long-awaited .zip file music downloads, and a "sales" page where people can buy art, prints, records etc. etc. via paypal. So stay tuned!

Update Dec. 13, 2010

NEWS UPDATE: Sorry, once again, that it's been so so long since the last update here! I've been in the flux of moving, and having 10,000 things going on, as per usual. Lots of music shows for various projects came and went since last I updated here, including shows by Hex Nine, Geb The Great Cackler, Northern Liberties, and Erode & Disappear. All upcoming events to my knowledge are now listed, though, and I hope to begin keeping up on updating here more regularly in the future. So check back! First order of news.... BIG NEWS --- remember the documentary film about the Toynbee tiles that has been being rumored about and hinted at for over five years now? Well, it's got a release date! But even more than that, it will be premiered at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, which is one of the foremost film festivals on our planet! The site for the film (in embryonic form as I type this) -http://www.resurrectdead.com
Sundance site: http://sundance.slated.com/2011/films/resurrectdeadthemysteryofthetoynbeetiles_sundance2011
The film fest starts on January 20th., and the Toynbee tiles film will premier, I think on the 2nd. day of the fest. Very exciting, and so satisfying to see this finally seeing the light of day after so many, many years!

Me and Kevin's new(ish) two-piece band 'Erode and Disappear' recently self-released our debut 12" vinyl record, with art by me and screenprinting by Kevin! It's available in a few local Philly record stores, or online HERE (http://www.erodeanddisappear.com/home.php)

More news -- me and Mandy's band, Geb The Great Cackler, just recorded a 12 song album with Alexi Papadopoulos (of Stinking Lizaveta etc.) at the controls. It sounds great, and we're very excited to unleash it on the world.... it remains to be seen in what form we will do so. We'd like to do vinyl, but that's expensive. Anyone want to release our record? We promise the music is good!

Me and Billy Bratt of Buck Gooter (http://buckgooter.tk/) have been very obsessively researching obscure artist, singer, and world traveler Herbert Crowley. I started on a research mission to uncover all I could about Herbert Crowley after coming across his absolutely stunning & stupefying "comic" 'The Wigglemuch' in a comics anthology book some months ago. Recently Billy jumped on board, and has contributed hugely in the research department. More to come on our findings!

Well, that's all for the moment. I'm going to be trying to do improve this website with more content, better layout, and more frequent updates, so look out!!! That's all for the moment, over + out, *Justin*

Update - June 21st., '10

I'm sorry to say that due to circumstances beyond my control, these circumstances being the ending and closing of Piranha Betty's, the art show there is, as of today, no longer extant. I had a friend drive me there today, and I picked up my work. Sorry if anyone who wanted to see this missed the opportunity, but please feel encouraged to visit the show which is still up (through July 31st) at Bahdeebahdu (see details below). There are also some rumors of potential music shows for Erode & Disappear and Northern Liberties, I'll post more information when it's all confirmed and written on my calendar. Happy Summer Solstice!

Update - June 6th., 2010

I have art in two art shows this month! The first is already underway.... the "Iron Line" group show at Piranha Betty's opened on Fri. July 4th. It features many paintings by Bevan Mcshea, five paintings from Todd Marrone, and a crowded corner of work by myself. I have a few new large prints in this show, several paintings spanning 1997 - 2009, and one small drawing. For the opening I read poems accompanied by Bevan (creating ambient textures), he played some songs as the Phoenix Veil, and Michael Batchelor played songs. Piranha Betty's is located on 2472 Frankford Ave. The closing reception for this show is Friday June 25th., 6 - midnight.

The other show is a two-person show with Jim Bloom. Information for this show can be seen on the postcard, a scan of which can be seen below this text. Opening Thursday June 10th., 6 - 9 PM. I will have a wide array of drawings in this show, both very large and very small, spanning many years, but with a lot of recent work.

Update March 2010

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated here -- the site is on a new server, and I'm trying to use a new program to update, so things may be a bit slow until I get the hang of it. But there are a lot of things to report -- more details to come as I know them, but here's what I know for now:

A *lot*of music shows, some rumored art showings, and more! All shows are in Philly unless otherwise noted. Here's a list (might be missing something, I'm just looking at may calendar) - THURSDAY MARCH 11th. @ Moonstone Arts (110 S. 13th. St.) *Erode + Disappear* play an ACOUSTIC set. Also playing is Ladyfingers.// SATURDAY MARCH 13th. *Geb the Great Cackler* play a rare AMPLIFIED set w/ special guest drummer Monica ALSO at Moonstone Arts!// FRIDAY MARCH 19th. *Northern Liberties* play at Johnny Brenda's (1201 Frankford Ave.) w/ The Nite Lights and Mondo Topless.// SATURDAY MARCH 20th. *Erode + Disappear* play at a place called "Angry Puke Tunnel" in Newark, DE.// FRIDAY MARCH 26th. *Erode + Disappear* play at Beaumont Warehouse in west Philly with Signals, Mother of Fire, Doctor Scientist, and Radar Men // SATURDAY MARCH 27th. *Erode + Disappear* play at "Fever to Sing" fest in Blacksburg, VA. (I may also screen *Me & Mandy & Ish's short film adaptation of Leonora Carrington's 'As They Rode Along the Edge', but this is unconfirmed as of now) // SUNDAY APRIL 18th. *Erode + Disappear* play in Boston w/ Bugs and Rats & others // FRIDAY APRIL 30th. I'm playing a *solo acoustic set* along with my friend Bevan. // SUNDAY MAY 9th. will be a screening of *As They Rode Along the Edge* along with short films by Ish Klein at The Rotunda (4014 Walnut) // SATURDAY MAY 15th. *Geb the Great Cackler* will play a show with Bevan, probably at the same place as my solo set.

THAT'S ALL I KNOW FOR NOW! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE ASK! PS new "Decades of Confusion Feed the Insect" zine is on the way, within the month!

MINI-UPDATE - Tuesday, October 13th., A.D. 2009 -


Just a very brief update....... I've had a lot going on with all my creative projects, as well as in my personal life, but not enough time to keep up here. That being said, I did want to announce here that I just completed a new large poster-sized drawing, and had 100 copies printed, of which I put 20 of for sale on etsy.com. These reproductions are in the same size as the originals, 3 feet wide by 7 feet tall. They're sold on etsy for $20, plus $9 for shipping. I also made a brief vido which illustrates the size etc. ALSO, I have the last two (of an edition of 125) of the previous large-scale drawing on sale at etsy for the same price.


Here is the short video of the new poster - the picture quality is not so great, the still images do the detail more justice, but this does give a good impression of the size etc. --



I'll be back, hopefully sooner than later, with a more involved "general news update" from my front. I also hope to add new artwork and music content to this site soon, including "zip file" uploads of full length albums - keep watching, keep waiting.......


UPDATE - Tuesday, March 29th., 2009 A.D.


The 'news' section here is still confusing me! How best to lay it out, how to keep myself inspired to keep updating it? My attempt to move it to a 'blogger.com' site may work for making it a little more convenient to update, but no one has yet left a comment or thought, which was what I hoped would happen -- it's hard for me to keep up with this when I think no one is listening. That's not a problem in the making of music & visual art -- but for the 'news'... it doesn't seem worth typing up to toss into a vacuum.

But enough complaining! Here's a few things that have been going on, or will be going on soon -- I'm feeling lazy, so I'm just going to provide you with links, and you can then follow those to read more details about each event etc.

Firstly, I am so happy & blessed to have had Robert of Philadelphia's 'Coalition Ingenu' believe in my visual art enough to put together a solo show in an absolutely incredible space, St. Asaph's church gallery. The show will almost certainly be down by the time you read this -- it's up through April 5th. But, you can go here, to the DoNArt news blog, and see pictures and words about the show!

My band Northern Liberties released a limited edition vinyl record, containing one 30 minute piece of music called 'Suffocation'. You can read a bunch of reviews of it, and also order a copy via the internet on our website RIGHT HERE!

Speaking of reviews and press, James Carlson, of the Urban Artist Group wrote this wonderful and detailed article which delves into a lot of what I've been up to recently -- READ IT HERE!

As you probably missed the St. Asaph's show, you can see some of my artwork in, along with incredible work from Ed Wilcox and Lisa Spera through the end of April. My 11 pieces in this show are on the colorful side, for the most part, as the other show was primarily black & white.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, I have been making a lot of music lately with my friend Marybeth Chew (formerly the bassist in one of favorite bands of all time, Bad News Bats) in a new(ish) band called Hex Nine. We have played four shows so far. The last one was a benefit for the Coalition to Save the Libraries. Who knows what the future holds? BUT.... we have a full length CD-R album titled 'Hex Nine In Mystic Emerald Sea' available for FREE if you want one, and we have a MYSPACE PAGE, so you know it's serious!

That's all I can think of right now. I'm probably forgetting something. Oh, me and my friend Mandy are working on a top-secret movie. But it's top-secret, so you'll just have to hold your horses to learn more about that. So.... keep watching this space.... whoever you are.....

UPDATE - Monday, August 19th., 2008 A.D.

I've decided to move the 'news' section of this Website to another location, to allow the posting of comments etc..... since the static nature of the news transmissions from this outpost had begun to dull my interest in continuing to post 'news' items from my small & crooked corner of the universe here.

SO..... from now on (until further notice etc.) you can read new postings on a blog-type site HERE - MENTAL RADIO SPIDERING THROUGH THE ELECTRIC NET! -- And you can leave comments and thoughts! Please be encouraged to do so, as the interactive element is what I thought was most lacking here! So navigate yourself closer to within the self that is myself, as you, now!


UPDATE - Saturday, April 12th., 2008 A.D.


I have been keeping myself busy, as usual (the best medicine) - I recently got an old 8 MM video camera, and some primitive editing equipment -- I made two videos (so far) -- both for new songs by my solo project 'The Auric Doves Of Avalon'

You can see them here:

'ONE WHO IS NOT DEAD' - Filmed March 31st... features video footage of my large posters, spread out on the floor of the place where I live --

The next video project was for a song titled 'ASCENT INTO THE EMPYREAN', and was filmed a few days later --

I also have been adding videos of bands playing, and clips ofweird movies like to my youtube channel - so please do pay a visit there if you're interested in what I'm up to.


In other news -- I will be making my return to the stage this SUNDAY, April 13th.... I'll be performing solo as AURIC DOVES OF AVALON at the Tritone in Philly - 1508 South St. Cover charge is $5... and it is 21+, as it's a bar. Here's more info:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Northern Liberties also have live manifestations looming.....

Tuesday April, 22 2008 - 9pm @ Mojo 13 1706 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont, Delaware 19806 Monotonix (from Israel), Northern Liberites, BR5 and Ape! Ages 21+. $5

Friday May, 30 2008 - 9pm @ Rienhart Family Cabin - In the middle of the woods, in the Biglerville, PA. area!

Further news:

The Vivian Girls Experience will have three songs appear on an upcoming compilation called 'LADYZ IN NOIZE'. One song will be the classic 'hit' 'Kitten Lemonade Stand', and the other two will be pigeon-themed songs, from our still-to-be-unveiled pigeon-themed EP.

I have been occasionally and sporadically appearing as a guest DJ on my friend Yoni's radio show..... Sunday nights from midnight until 3 AM, if you're a night owl and want to tune in! WKDU.org online..... 91.7 FM on the dial in Philly!

I am hard at work on a new giant poster. There are still approximately 15 copies of the old on left..... so hurry up and scoop one of those up.... they'll be gone forever and ever and ever very soon.

That's all for now - stay in tune here, and I will bring you another update..... whenever it's ready....


UPDATE - Monday, January 21st., 2008 A.D.

Upcoming events etc. - Please keep scrolling down to see some new Northern Liberties music videos, and read a few thoughts on recent past events... but first, here are reports of plans which have yet to manifest:

I will be hanging some of my art in March at the Satellite cafe in Philadelphia. It's a rare thing for me to show art in public, since I have never quite been able to crack the code of how to participate in the gallery world etc. So I am very excited about this. The Satellite is located on the corner of 50th. & Baltimore Ave. in Philly, and my art will be up for the month of March. Please stop by and have a look! Hopefully the show will be inaugurated with appropriate musical ceremony, as well!

Northern Liberties have some upcoming shows -

On Feb. 9th. we're playing a friend's birthday party in Philly, but I think it's closed to the general public, which you may be a part of, but maybe you can catch ghostly vestiges of our music hovering in the night air of west Philly, if you attune yourself to the proper wavelength.

On Feb. 20th. we'll be transmitting a live performance on WKDU.org at 6 PM, approx. tune in!

On Feb. 29th. we'll be playing in Philly at Circle Of Hope - located at the intersection of Broad & Washington with British Lit, Gunna Vahm and Bear is Driving

On March 1st. we're playing Muscle Beach in Allentown PA..... bands, specifics, etc. are unknown at the moment.

On April 4th. we're playing at the Mojo 13 (1706 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont, Delaware) with Monotonix, who are from Israel, and have an outrageous performance including bass drum surfing and drinking beer from a shoe!

That's all the "news" information I can think of for the moment.

Sorry for the infrequent updates, for anyone who may periodically check in here. I have been thinking about some way to make updating this site easier, or at least more enjoyable, and one way would be to maybe make a blogger site, and link that here. That way you readers could leave comments, which I think would make this section much more user friendly. At any rate...... of course lots of things have happened since the last update of about 3.5 months ago. Northern Liberties have been playing shows sporadically, both in Philly and the surrounding areas, since returing from tour. The tour itself was spectacular - you can read an (incomplete) tour blog here, on our site. Thanks to everyone who gave us a floor to sleep on, a meal, played a show with us.... it was incredible to be able to meet you & to make it happen together.


We just completed a new music video for our song 'Controlled By Voices From Beyond', which has gotten some links on local blogs, etc.

See it:

Some live footage of our record release at the Church Of Divine Energy also turned up. See that, as well:

UPDATE - Wednesday, September 5th., 2007 A.D.

I've been holding back on updating the 'news' section here, waiting mainly to be able to report two things - the release of the new Northern Liberties album 'Ghost Mind Electricity', and the finalizing of our September tour. I am happy to say I can now joyously report that both of these things are so near coming true, and I feel safe transmitting the information to the loyal readership of www.justinduerr.com!

The new Northern Liberties album was recorded on 7/7/07 by Don Zientara at Inner Ear studios in Arlington VA. It was great to work with Don, who has recorded some of my all time favorite bands, including Bad Brains, Bikini Kill, Lungfish, Fugazi, and many more! The recording sounds perfect, I think. The album can be pre-ordered on the inter-nest HERE! It should be in our hands and ready to ship by Sept. 13th.

Please come out and see Northern Liberties on tour! We'll be embarking on a tour of the whole country called 'United States', so perhaps we'll be in your area! Our tour dates/places are listed here:


Sept. 14 2007 8:00P Nara Sushi - Richmond VA - with help from Curtis @ Rorshach Records

Sept. 15 2007 8:00P The Milestone Club - Charlotte, NC with Help from PROJEXORCISM

Sept. 16 2007 8:00P the Pilot Light - KNOXVILLE, TN. w/TBA

Sept. 17 2007 8:00P Springwater Supper Club & Lounge - NASHVILLE, TN.

Sept. 18 2007 8:00P @ Vinos Brew Pub LITTLE ROCK, AR. w/ Sleeping in the Aviary - booked by ARYDIY

Sept. 19 2007 8:00P DALLAS TX. @ TBA w/ Electricbrown & more TBA

Sept. 20 2007 8:00P EOS SHOW CANCELLED - HELP US FIND A NEW ONE Amarillo AREA, Texas ... we have a contingency plan to make the trip to Roswell, New Mexico if we are unable to find a show for this date/place!

Sept. 21 2007 8:00P Peace And Justice Center with Fando and Ronoso ALBUQUERQUE, NM

Sept. 22 2007 8:00P At Dry River Colective - TUSCON, AZ.

Sept. 23 2007 9:00P At IL Corral w/ Leslie Q. - LOS ANGELES, CA.

Sept. 24 2007 12:00P KFJC FM 89.7 FM - Live transmission on the RADIO! - MIDNIGHT - TUNE IN! San Jose, California

Sept. 24 2007 6:00P At the Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA. w/ Leslie Q.! (Early show, 6-9?)

Sept. 25 2007 8:00P TBA - OAKLAND with Help from ACTS OF SEDITION

Sept. 26 2007 8:00P REDDING. CA. At Red White And Brew Pub with Royal Tees. Booked by Linda.

Sep 27 2007 8:00P Johhny B.’s, MEDFORD, OR

Sept. 28 2007 5:00P KPSU Radio, live RADIO transmission - 5 PM! PORTLAND, OR.

Sep 28 2007 9:00P Rotture, PORTLAND OR. w/DJs TBA

Sept. 29 2007 9:00P @ Monkey Pub - SEATTLE, WA. w/Quadrillion

Oct 13 2007 8:00P THE LOAD of FUN w/Tuborg, Wire Orchestra and Tyler DJ’ing Baltimore, Maryland

Oct 20 2007 9:00P GHOST MIND ELECTRICITY - RECORD RELEASE PARTY w/ PONY PANTS (record release), KAT KLIX (record release), PRE and MONOTONIX at THE CHURCH OF DIVINE ENERGY (C.O.D.E.) in Philadelphia - corner of 48th. & Woodland Ave. First C.O.D.E. show in over two years!

We hope to see you on tour! I will have copies of my new giant poster, and a new zine ready, also.


My friend Jon who is making the Toynbee tile documentary (along with Colin Smith and Steve Weinik) gave me the go ahead to give people a link to the until now secret trailer for the upcoming film, which will hopefully be edited by early 2008 A.D. Watch it:


UPDATE - Tuesday, June 26th., 2007 AD.

The usual obligatory apologies for the lack of frequent updates should be inserted HERE --->_______.

As usual, there's a lot to report - Northern Liberties are busy planning our September tour, which will be the first time that we visit the west coast of the US! We will be busy recording our new songs in Arlington VA. at the world famous Inner Ear Studios in early July. The new album is tentatively titled Ghost Mind Electricity and will be released on the best label in Philadelphia - nay, in the whole universe - Badmaster Records! We hope to have the new album ready for tour in September, but will probably have it ready before then.

The Vivian Girls Experience will be making some rare live appearances in August. We'll be playing on August 3rd. at Clap It Off house (1208 S. 46th. St. in Philly) with our friends from NYC The Vibration. We'll then be playing out record release show on Saturday Aug. 25th. in West Philly's Clark Park. We'll be playing in a tree! This is a show not to be missed, and never to be repeated!

As per usual, I have been guesting in some of Enid Crow's photographs!

I have 125 copies of my new giant poster-zines on the way to me right now in the mail! For those of you who are familiar with the poster-zines of the past, expect more of the same, but..... further plot development...... new dream-story esoteric board game mazes.... and this time around the design reads horizontally as opposed to vertically!

Remember last time, when I said that I'd post a link to the audio of me reading excerpts from my zine on WXPN FM? Well, it's ready! Scroll down on their page HERE and listen to my reading, which took place on March 7th., 2007 AD!

I recently uploaded some videos of one of my favorite poets/musicians, Baltimore's Mary Knott (link leads to site with work by both her and her sister, artist/collaborator Beppi Knott, to youtube. I have been uploading lots of weird videos to youtube, so if you want to see what I've got there so far, my "user name" on the youtube site is 'WhollyGhost'.



Greetings, fine fellow squabs, I regret that I have been somewhat laxadasical in keeping you all abreast of the most recent unfoldings and unfurlings from the Justinbird headquarters.

I aim to correct that with this, the most recent news posting update from the land of the static-sun, which is what my land is now called, after revelatory and weird dreams of recent christened it so.

In the relatively recent past I read some excerpts from my zine Decades Of Confusion Feed The Insect" live in the WXPN studio, as part of an evening featuring local zine writers. The piece was broadcast, and will supposedly be eventually available for downloading on the internet. I will let you know if and when this happens.

The Vivian Girls Expereince have completed our 28 song, 70 minute album, which is titled "Awesome Celebrity Couple: The Kitten Lemonade Stand Years". It is available for purchase for $10, including shipping, on our mice-face page, which is - http://www.myspace.com/theviviangirlsband

I ran into my friend Mandy today on the trolley and she asks that you be aware that her band BEWARE THE BLUNTED NEEDLE are playing a FINAL SHOW at Dahlak, in west Philadelphia on Friday April 20th., 10 PM

. Navigate to the link called 'reviews' at http://www.northernlibertiesband.com to read a brand new and rare interview/article with/about Northern Liberties. Please note several typos, and correct them in your mind.... most notably that the word 'humanistic', when it appears in this article, should in fact be 'shamanistic'. 'Humanistic', in the context presented, makes no sense. All in all, the article/interview is pretty good and it is positive. I think it's a fun read.

As per usual, Northern Liberties have an overwhelming amount of looming dates - I also have a show as the Etheric Phoenix Of L.O.V.E., in this incarnation accompanied by Kevin of Northern Liberties. Here are upcoming enactments, in chronological order - ____________________________________________{{{+}}}________________________________________________________ *THIS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11th. at The Millcreek Tavern (42nd. & Chester Ave.) in west Philadelphia - as part of the Philly 'Popped fest' - with THE NOTEKILLERS, MOUNTAIN HIGH, and BAD NEWS BATS. This show starts early at 7 PM, and Bad News Bats go on first, I think. I also think we go on second. So play it safe and show up a little early if you want to catch us and Bad News Bats!

*FRIDAY, APRIL 13th. at 9 N. Blvd. House (e mail me for directions if you might want to go to this) in Richmond, VA. Northern Liberties will be playing songs for our good friend JAMIE'S BIRTHDAY!

*MONDAY, APRIL 16th. I am so excited to be incarnating THE ETHERIC PHOENIX OF L.O.V.E. (I will play guitar and sing, and Kevin will play bass/base/bayings) at Marvelous Records in west Philadelphia (208 South 40th. St.) with DAN(BELTESHAZZAR)IEL A.I.U. H(ERM)IGGS (of Lungfish), SERPENTS OF WISDOM (of Demiourgos) & ARRINGTON DE DIONYSIO (of Old Time Relijun)

Daniel (A.I.U.) Higgs is on a secret tour in support of his new secret album/book "Atomic Yggdrasil Tarot". Please secretly come to this secret show!

*FRIDAY, APRIL 27th. at The Mojo 13 in Wilmington, Delaware (1706 Philadelphia Pike) Northern Liberties will be playing with THE CATALYST. This will be our above mentioned friend Jamie's final show with this band.

*SATURDY, APRIL 28th., at a place yet to be revealed somewhere in Blacksburg, VA., Northern Liberties will be sharing music with DIG SHOVEL DIG and DOUG CHEATWOOD AND THE BASTARDS OF FATE.

*SUNDAY. APRIL 29th. Northern Liberties play somewhere in Philadelphia with MYSTERY OF TWO and RED ROCKET. Email me and I will give you any more information as it blossoms.

*SATURDAY, MAY 5th. at Alexander's Deli - 11 Deysher Rd. in beautiful Fleetwood, PA. with ORDER OF MERLIN, THE MARX B*T*H*LIC*R, EXIT WOUND and SUPER BUICK.

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 16th. at The Tritone, 5th. and South St. in Philadelphia with DARSOMBRA and DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS _________________________________{{{+}}}_________________________________________________________________

That's all I can think of for the moment. I will be adding more C.O.D.E. videos, as well as other videos, including some footage of secret underground tunnels and abandoned trolley lines in Philly, sporadically. My 'user name' on youtube is "Whollyghost" - search for that if you want to see what I have so far. Thank you all for your wonderful being, and please do re-distribute this newsletter as you see fit. Ethereal lightning all the time, *Justinghost*





The Toynbee tile film is being worked on, as always. Filming has slowed down for the moment, as the filmmakers, Jon and Colin, are in the process of working on a new recording for their band, Red Devil. In December some of the final shooting will take place (maybe, unless we uncover new information... which seems to happen often) and then I theorize editing may begin. I think all the waiting will be well worth while..... we have some unbelievable and incredible footage/information waiting to be seen/divulged!

I was recently interviewed for channel 6 news in Philadelphia as part of a Toynbee tile feature they did -- see the footage here --

HERE IS SOME PAST NEWS, just to bring you all up to speed on recent events since my last newsletter of September 22nd.

-- On October 29th. I played a solo show at the Green Line cafe in West Philly, along with Oubliette, an incredible mediveal style Philly troupe. Enid Crow joined me for a few Vivian Girls songs, plus I did some covers and originals.... I almost have enough new solo songs for a second CD, but I still have lots of the old one left on hand, so I will put my energies into getting the Vivian Girls CD done for now. Thanks to Liv Carrow and friend(s) for coming out!

Northern Liberties played some shows.... Friday October 13th. at Be Happy House and Tuesday October 31st. (Halloween) at 5034 Willows - part of a series of shows which shall mark the final shows for this house.

Me, Colin and Reid - of the bands Red Devil and International Anthems For Irrational Numbers, respectively, joined forces for a Joy Division cover/tribute band called The House Of Dolls. We played Halloween weekend... it was a smash success, creatively and otherwise. Sadly our keyboard player, who joined with us at the last minute, had technical problems and so we were sans keyboard. Luckily, we figured out songs that sounded passable without keyboard, since we didn't plan on having this instrument included in the lineup initially.

On Saturday November 4th.The Vivian Girls played a show at the South Philly flea market on 9th. and Federal! It was a wonderful atmosphere, and we even got invited to play a birthday party for a 4 year old as a result.

THANK YOU AND GOODBYE!!! *Justin* - 11:24 AM, Tuesday November 21st., 2006 AD.

ARCHIVED NEWS -- Friday, September 22nd., 2006 AD.

Hello everyone! I hope this reaches you all in good health, good spirit, and in good company! This will comprise volume number 2 of the Justinbird world news periodical. There are several exciting updates!

TOMORROW MORNING (Saturday, September 23) you can hear me on NPR "weekend edition" which will be aired nationally! It is the same piece about the Toynbee idea tiles that aired locally, but this version will be expanded. It will likely be in the last segment of the first hour, meaning sometime between 8:40 and 9 am. Or you can hear it later at npr.org.

SUNDAY, September 24th. is the annual Philadelphia zine fest! If you are in the philadelphia area, you really should come to this if you are at all interested in zines etc. I can vouch for previous zine fests that there will be a wide array of zines, so don't be intimidated that you might not be able to find something that suits your tastes - I assure you you'll find something that fits your tastes and something else that offends them! The zine fest is a spectacle in the good sense of the word, so come to it! I'll be there! Here's a list of who else will be there as well as time/location --

The 2006 Philly Zine Fest Sunday, September 24, 2006 - 12-6 pm The Rotunda 4014 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19104


Here's a list of everyone tabling so far:

* A New World In Our Hearts - Thadeaus

* Active Bladder - Johnny Ostentatious

* Adorn, Reciprocity, A Coney Island of my Mind - Bree Friend

* Amber the Arsonist - Rebecca * anon - Erin Partridge

* Art by Nathan - Nathan Paul Smith

* Art Freak - Carol Parks

* Biscuit Press - Phil Kahn

* Cake & Pie Press/Skillshare! - Mary Tasillo

* Chinese Sweatshop - Elsie Sampson

* Corey Bechelli - Corey

* Cracks In The Concrete - Luke Romano

* Creative Soup and other personal zines - Joan Mumbauer

* Dangeresque - Sarah

* Death by Sexy (comic) - Evan Keeling

* Decades Of Confusion Feed The Insect - Justin Duerr

* dhruva press - eian weissman

* Doin' the dishes!!!! - Mattianna

* Driving Blind Distro - Erin

* Dumb Jersey White Boy - Mark McMurray

* Emma Goldman Zine - rebekah buchanan

* genderific coloring books - jacitna bunnell

* Gladys Sells Things/I Hear You Like Stories - Meg Favreau

* Howzit Funnies - Andrew Cohen

* I Like Seamonsters - Tina the seamonster

* Imaginary Windows / Ephemeral Spaces - Erin Fae

* In The Puddle - Christi Johnson

* Inconundrum Press - Nina Alvarez

* J'Qui Magazine - Ciara Burkett

* junk/food & whats her deal - judy

* Katie - * Madison Underground Press - Bob Campbell

* Manual Publishing - Joe Smith

* Mildred Pierce - Megan Milks

* MY MY - Taryn Hipp

* Naturally You! - Kaya

* On Subbing - Dave Roche

* Pocket Myths - Andrea Lawlor

* Punchy - Mattianna * Pure Injoyment Archives / Night Writer Magazine - Adam

* ra ra rant! - rachel e. nichols

* Ratti Pillo - Christine Rillo

* RMK Books - MK Reed

* Scarring Artist Distro - Christy Landrum

* Scissor Press - Jackson Ellis

* Self_Titled - Becky.

* Sisu zine - Johanna

* Suburban Blight - Stephanie

* Sweet Candy Distro - Sage Adderley

* The Alberic Heresies - Jacob Warrenfeltz

* TQB.COM - Terence Bishop

* Trabant zine - Megan

* Tric Zine - Casey Grabowski

* Valiant Death - Bucky

* Wasp Comics - Matt Dembicki

* wicked concrete luxury - Penny Cleveland (pen name)

* Wooden Shoe Books

* YM: Young and Mechanical - Jessica

* ZineVox - raequel solomon

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!

Also, I am playing a show as the Etheric Phoenix Of L.O.V.E. in Philadelphia at the Green Line Cafe (43rd. + Baltimore Ave. in Philadelphia) with the wonderful mediaeval music ensemble Oubliette. This will be on sunday, October 29th. The music will be happening between 3 - 6 PM and there is a chance I will be joined by the ever radiant Enid Crow if the stars align and if the planet Earth doesn't get bombarded by asteroids before the end of next month, etc.

That's all the news "for the moment" -- I'll keep working on new things! Meowl, *Justin*


A few weeks ago I added a "shop" link to the website so you can order some of my art and music via paypal. I will add more items to this online shop with the passage of time. Check out the online shop and help support my work, it is very appreciated!

My band NORTHERN LIBERTIES are playing some shows -- the two we have confirmed as of now we are very excited about. Firstly, we are playing an outdoor show at Clark Park in Philadelphia on Saturday, September 16th. We play around 6 or 6:30 PM. the even will feature music all day, from around 11 AM until 8 PM and many amazing local musics will be heard!

Here is the schedule --

11 Thuro-Kidz 11:30 David Falcone Noon Jesse James 12:30 Shot x Shot 1 Audio Emotif 1:30 Geomancer 2 Humanasaur 2:30 Bad Veronika 3 Jim Trainer & his Working Man's Blues Band 3:30 Serpents of Wisdom 4 iMBECILE 4:30 Company Corvette 5 Urbana 5:30 Algebra of Need 6 Northern Liberties 6:30 Kiss Kiss Kill (PAs turned off) 7 Joe Jack Talcum 7:30 Erik Peterson/Mischief Brew 8 clean up, go home

Later in the evening I will be going to the BAD NEWS BATS record release show at DANGER DANGER HOUSE! Bad News Bats are one of my favorite Philadelphia bands - in fact they are probably my number one favorite Philly band not including bands I have some collaborative connection with.

On Saturday, September 30th. Northern Liberties will be sharing the stage with two INCREDIBLE Philadelphia bands who were active in the early 1980s -- BUNNYDRUMS and KING OF SIAM. See the flyer pictured below for details!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


I recently did an interview for WHYY radio (local in Philly) and this same segment will be expanded in a few weeks for an NPR piece! The interview is about the TOYNBEE TILES. Follow this link to hear the radio broadcast - http://www.whyy.org/news/artsandculture.html -This piece is extra interesting to me because it is the first time David Mamet has been contacted/interviewed about his connection with the phenomenon (listen to the piece to hear how he is connected) and his claim to have spontaneously made up the story of a man calling into a late night talk show who just so happens to mention

1. Arnold Toynbee

2. The movie 2001: A Space Odyssey

3. The idea that Toynbees concepts as outlined in the movie point to the idea that the resurrection of the dead on the planet Jupiter is possible

without having ever heard such an actual broadcast or having seen a Toynbee tile or other piece of related agitprop. We know for a fact, thanks to having unearthed some press releases actually disseminated by the Toynbee tiler in the early 1980s that this person DID call into the Larry King live show in 1980! Mamet mentions that his piece is "inspired by" talk shows "such as" the Larry King live show! Does he not recall hearing the actual call-in? It was over 20 years ago. Or is for some reason embarrased to have used a specific call-in as the basis for a play? If this is the case, why? Very interesting! I can't wait to hear the NPR version, which will be an expanded version!

(End of September 15th. news transmission.)



n0r+H3R|\| . L!B3r+ie5

TOUR. JULY 2006 A.D.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


A synopsis of Northern Liberties summer tour.... more news to come! For now, enjoy reading of our adventures!

Northern Liberties annual mini-tour in July was by and far our most successful in our six year history. This was mainly due to better planning, some luck and of course the aid and assistance of some wonderful friends we've made over the years. In my recap I am sure I will omit many people and places and things and events that will later come back to flood my mind, but please don't feel forgotten or lost. I will think of you and them and it at the appropriate moments while walking over the bridge at night drinking a coffee and all mental terrors concerning the threat of nothingness will be salved by these experiences and your participation in them. That is why we do this.

FRIDAY JULY 21 - RURAL PA. FOREST The first date of our July tour was on Friday July 21st. This show was to be hled in a very rural area of Pennsylvania. This is the area where myself, my brother Marc and Kevin all grew up together, swimming upstream against the dominant current of a backwards redneck nowhere-ville and wading through our hellish high school days together as independent minded misfits in the sea of redneck-osity. It was strange indeed to return to this part of the world so many years later (15 years???) to play our songs for our families and what friends we have who live in the area. The show was set up BEAUTIFULLY by our friend Miles. It was held outdoors, at night and the music was enacted from atop a monstorous truck bed, replete with giant floodlights! Many moths met fiery deaths as they swam towards what they erringly believed to be the moon, their flaming wings decaying like hapless angels falling to the earth. I saw a luna moth, which is the size of a fruit bat!

The other bands were quite good. In the local bar scene, they make a fair amount of money playing covers. Normally cover bands are not my cup of tea, but I liked the covers they chose () and they also played a select few original GEMS. There was also an instrumental band who were quite talented and HEAVY. These bands contained long time friends, closer friends with Kevin than myself, but wonderful people to be around and to spend a surreal night amongst family (me and Marcs parents came out, as did Kevins mother and brothers) and people I suspected I may never see again in this life! Our set was incredibly emotional, at least for myself, since I was singing songs under the canopy of huge several hundred foot tall trees and in the presence of my parents and long-friends. Me + Marcs cousin Jon came out with two friends and they performed a breathtaking maypole-style dance! Jon also took some great and very artistic photos of the night. After the show, we all went back to me and Marcs parents place to sleep.

The next day, after breakfast and conversation and TEA (about 5 cups for myself) with our parents, we embarked on the journey to our next destination....

SATURDAY JULY 22nd. RICHMOND VA. This show could probably rank as the best overall of the tour. It is at least in the top two or three. This was set up by our old pal Jamie. We met Jamie years ago when he lived in Delaware and played in a band called "Rescue The Past" (later called "Rescue The Dead") and we have kept in touch and crossed paths many times. He lives in Virginia now at a house that hosts shows called "The Fortress Of Solid Dudes" and it is indeed a fortress and it exemplifies the term "solid" used as a term of praise completely. After saying hello to many people, including my friend Raven who lives in Richmond now and some other faces I remember from previous Richmond trips, we got some food. The other bands were all fantastic! Microjoy were very tightly sprung and sounded like a 2006 version of the Minutemen, with the interesting addition of some electronic elements via keyboard. Crossing Point were added to the bill last minute. They were on tour from South Africa (!!!) and were good hardcore. I usually hate hardcore (I am thinking of testosterone fueled floor-punch bands here) but I didn't mind their take on it. I think they had a Christian message (NOT sure) which was interesting. I assume they must have some expendable income to tour DIY from another coninent! Who knows, but kudos to them, they rocked! Hallelujah (hope I am not getting band names mixed up, if so SORRY, I am doing this all from memory) were high energy and FUN.... I am not going to waste time trying to describe their sound... they were not hightly derivitive of anything, which is a good thing. They worked people (including themselves) into a frenzy and I thought "how could we rock harder than THAT"!

After spendng a few minutes applying face-paint and changing into my baby-blue dress which Enid Crow sewed and which also featured screenprinted Northern Liberties designs added by Kevin, I ran downstairs to help set up. We went ballisitic and I eclipsed my mind, entering spirit-mind-electricity-consciousness within three songs. We got a great reception, many people danced and I felt as if I had passed through every heaven and hell conceivable by the end of our set. After the bands, me and Kevin played acoustic guitars with several people in the living room. We did a four person (including a person playing a ukelele made out of an armadillo shell) acoustic cover of "love will tear us apart" and also some improv songs. Then a gal named Ashley (known, ha ha, as "Smashley") chimed in with her songs, such as "You've got to fuck that goat". Very hilarious! A girl whose name escapes me (SORRY!) told me some INTENSE stories related to medical things. I had lots of conversations about all kinds of things until finally I decided it was time to get some sleep. My brother had gone to sleep in the basement and everyone was freaking out warning us that the basement was full of fleas and mold and that he was in grave danger. But he was blissfully asleep - in the very spot where hours before his drums had stood. Besides, I was NOT going to go wake up someone who, like myself, had slept on sidewalks, innumerable horrid squats and other much more rotten and infested enviroments than this basement. I insisted "he'll be fine, trust me, we've seen worse". I mean, we've both had body lice and lived in squats with junkies..... a few fleas and some mold will not prevent the Duerr bros. from catching some ZZZs!!! He was fine. No complaints about fleas or mold. Perfect sleep, he reported.

Meanwhile, I retired upstaires in an air-conditioned bedroom. "Ahhh.... luxury"! I was escorted into the room by someone from the house. There was gentleman already asleep in the far corner, so I quietly snuck in, unrolled my bedding and slipped into dreamworld. I awoke with the rising sun, around 5 AM to a disturbing sound. This was the particular, specific sound of vinyl sleeping bag material being rubbed in a rhythmic motion. O no! This guy didn't hear me enter the room and is now jacking off. Well, OK, I figure I will just wait until he finished - it is not really bothering me except to think that he may be doing it AWARE that I am there, in which case it takes on a different air entirely. I am in a love relationship with Enid Crow and I do not want to be initiated into the early morning buddy jack off party without being asked if I am OK with it, in which case I would say "no thanks". But anywyas.... I give this person the benefit of the doubt. 10 minutes go by. He stops. But then..... he starts again! And so on, for what seemed like an eterniy. Finally I begin to suspect that he must surely be aware of my presence in the room. It's been nearly half an hour! With a pang of anger swelling, I jump upward and pound the floor, yelping! It is then that I see it..... the ceiling fan.... has a peice of duct tape, or some other debris, flapping against the ceiling..... making the sound. I just disturbed this person for no reason. I feel like an idiot for not just looking around the room earlier. That's what I get for trying to be polite! Well, I am well awake now, although I try to get a little more sleep. No more sleep comes to me. A chipper Kevin pokes in to wake me up. I am awake already. During our set there was a mighty lightning storm, which incidentally also happened the last time we played at this house. My brother made a fake shark fin out of foil and placed it in a deep puddle along with sign reading "beware of shark". We laughed about that for a while. So.... after saying our goodbyes and sharing some strong coffee brewed by the folks at the house, we began making our way to...

ASHEVILLE, NC. - Sunday JULY 23rd. As soon as we got into town some younger kids (maybe 14-16?) wanted to take our photo just because I was wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and we have tattoos etc. I said something along the lines of "there must not be a lot of excitement around here, huh" to which they enthusiastically agreed. We followed them to their hangout, which was a coffee shop called something like Poets Cafe. I took their advice and ordered some sort of fancy flavored caffeinated slush drink, which was delicious. I asked them what they did to amuse themselves and they said they pretty much walked or rode skateboards back and forth from there to the Starbucks, to the Wal-Mart and back. We invited them to the show, promising them better picturre taking oppurtunities, but they flaked on us! O well.

This show was relatively uneventful, especially after the first two, but still quite a proverbial trip. We played at a place called the Westville pub. The vibe was sort of like playing shows at a "Chilis" restaraunt.... a long bar that served food to a mixed crowd. Near the window was small stage near a piano. The opening band (two bands total) were some type of Vans Warped Tour pop-punk. They were very young and so had to leave (the bar ceases to be all-ages after 10 PM) before we played. I don't know what they would have made of us, but I do wish we could have exposed them to our musics. There were actually a few people who came to see us, which was very shocking and very cool. I held the microphone up to the piano with the delay pedal attached to make a few of the trippier parts of our songs even heavier. This show turned out to be not so bad and we chatted up the folks who came to visit us and also a random guy who talked my ear off about GG Allin, for some reason. He was cool though, he said he was a like a rebel gypsy. When he said that, I kind of thought of him as a wild horse airbrushed on the side of a truck, like a character from a Bob Seeger song. Very awesome. I hope his spirit is never tamed or crushed! May he long carry on, exotic and free!

The coolest thing about this show was that two girls who must have been about 15 years old danced like crazy to our whole set while watching us from the street, looking through the window. I thought that was so cool because they weren't drinking, they were just digging the fact that some weirdos had come to Asheville and were acting like they were being electrocuted while playing songs to five people inside. We gave them some recordings and I talked to them about what it was like to be a 15 year old in Asheville. I wish they could have come in. I think we stayed at a hotel this night. I read a chunk of the biography of Stalin I am still reading called, obviously enough, STALIN. On to....... ATLANTA, Ga., Monday, July 24th. We played at LENNY'S, described by our friend THE SUBLIMINATOR, who got us on the bill, as "the CBGBs of the South"..... We played with some forgettable pop-punk bands to an audience that could not be impressed by anything WE were going to throw at them! Nonetheless, we played with maximal spirit and energy for THE SUBLIMINATOR, a remarkable human being who tours on a motorcycle and plays four theremins as a one man band. I really appreciated the chance to get out of the van and play music. That was the great thing about this tour, as opposed to other tours -- while there are bound to be nights where you play to basically (or literally) no one if you are touring as an obscure band DIY, it is best to play every night. We did manage to procure 11 shows in 11 days, so even a somewhat "off" night" like this is preferable to driving around bored somewhere... I suppose if we "partied", it might be OK, but we are more prone to doing things like sitting in the bookstore for four hours than throwing the hotel television in the swimming pool, if you get what I mean. Before the show THE SUBLIMINATOR introduces us to real-deal southern-style ribs. Now I am basically a vegetarian, but when food is offered ceremonially, in special circumstance (such as this), I consider it ungrateful and rude to not indulge. So I sampled some of the ribs and I enjoyed this crash course in how they prepare ribs a dozen different ways in the south. That night THE SUBLIMINATOR followed us to a hotel and the four of us chatted it up for a while about everything under then sun and then fell asleep. Tomorrow took us to....

HEATHER HIDEAWAY, JOHNSON CITY, TN. - Tuesday, July 25th. In Johnson City, TN., we played at a little place called the Heather Hideaway. First, let me paint a picture of Johson City for you.... Imagine a ghost town lifted straight from a Stephen King novel.... the nameless terror that vampirized this town was most likely Wal-Mart, but it might as well have been an insanity-virus from a distant galaxy. The place is CREEPY. There are row upon row of abandoned, boarded up storefront properties and no real sounds except for the occasional piece of garbage blowing around or the squeeking of someones broken down shopping cart as they wander aimlessly, eyes empty, ungazing. Apparently (as we later discovered) there is a mental ward nearby which accepts self-admitted patients. The problem is, if said patients do not take their medication, misbehave, etc. they are simply kicked out into the street. The empty, dimly lit, vacant and lonely street of Johnson City. That's how we came to cross paths with the Archangel Michael, the prophecier of Johnson City. We were sitting outside enjoying the despair and emptiness when this rather chubby Archangel decided to kindly offer us a muffin from his large black plastic trashbag, bursting with muffins of all flavors. We declined, as we had just eaten mayo and cheese sandwiches from our cooler, but this was really just Michaels ploy to be granted an audience with us. He began to go into great detail and depth about how he was the father of the Antichrist, who had just been born in Syria and how the Antichrist was not really evil or wicked -- in fact, he was the only one who could "TURN JOHNSON CITY AROUND"! He claimed that we were Angels, we were on his side, instrumental in doing the work to turn this town around. He prophesied that George W. had 4 more years in office (he apparently will change the election laws to give himself a longer term - I wouldn't be shocked, actually) and then the time of the Antichrist will arrive. I suppose the Antichrist will already be a formidable force at the age of five and begin "turning Johnson City around". According to Michael, these events would NOT be exactly like the events shown in the movie "The Omen".

After absorbing this information, we headed inside. The first two bands were more "Vans warped tour" stuff and they did not stick around to witness THE SUBLIMINATOR or NORTHERN LIBERTIES. Nor did they talk very much to the Archangel Michael. Their loss. THE SUBLIMINATOR is always a treat.He creates multi-layered rhythmic effects and tonal properites with the theremins and runs his words through reverse-delay and other such things. Mid way through his set a random guy waltzes in from the street and is LOVING the Subliminator! He yells out, after a song, "PLEASE tell me I didn't just catch the ass end of that"!!!! This guy was our savior! He went on and on about noise music and how happy he was to have stumbled into the show. That's why we were there. That and to get secret information from the Archangel Michael. I can't really remember where we stayed that night. At a hotel, I assume? The next evening, we whirl into........

THE MICE PACE - COOKEVILLE. TN. - Wednesday, July 26th. We had some minor van problem. While Marc looked at the engine I laid on the warm asphalt of a forgotten, weed infested parking lot and looked at the clouds. I talked to Enid Crow on my cell phone while looking at the sky and daydreaming. Very peaceful. I am thankful my brother is a mechanic! I felt a little lazy, so I posed for some pictures where I feign as if I am helping work on the van! This show was neat because it was a break from the past two nights, which were bar shows, back into a DIY environment - a shed located on a stretch of road in Cookeville, TN. We played with some old friends of ours from Philly, TOWERS, whom I have contributed some artwork to for their recordings. They also have a side band, consisting of Peter and Craig from Towers, called Peter Craig. A good amount of people were at this show, maybe 30 or 40. The room was packed pretty well. We played earlier in the lineup of bands and people weren't really drunk enough to dance etc. but I do think we managed to mesmerize some people and hold people in our sway. It felt so refreshing to be amongst people who I felt may potentially "get" our songs and message, although it was very special to meet Michael. I told everyone at the show about meeting the father of the Antichrist.

The other bands were good and I think I appreciated them triply after sitting through MTV Vans warped tour pop-punk crap for two nights.... with the NOTABLE exception of The Subliminator! TOWERS played heaving and spastic blasts and swells. Another band (Sadville? Not sure on band names here, SORRY) played one extended 20 or 30 minute song with epic emotional peaks and melancholy chasms, somewhat like Godspeed You Black Emperor, but definitely original. There was a more in-your-face heavy band that was good (with a drummer who looked like Thor and stood up with raised fists to Valhalla on his drum THRONE at the end of the set) and Peter Craig, who may have been my fave of the night just because I was standing so close to them! After the show we found out that our friends from Philly KNOW HOW TO PARTY on tour! They were having such a hoot and we all took a group photo. They then drove off to some distant location to scream and wrestle and throw things and laugh, while we loaded up and drove off to some lonely cliff to watch the ocean turn to mist while we sighed and wrote tomes of philosophy. As the sun ached through the darkened clouds of our night amonghst the campfires of the forgotten and the damned, we piloted the mini-van to....

THE RUDYARD KIPLING -LOUISVILLE KY. Thursday, July 27th. Lousville was cool right away because we got to do laundry. I'm sure you know how badly a dress starts to smell after you wear it for six or so nights in a row during which time you sweat profusely and writhe around on dirty basement floors. We parked right outside the Rudyard Kipling (best venue name of tour, I think) and walked around. I talked to a woman who was feeding up to 40 pigeons! She told us where to find the laundrymat. This show was primarily found through a gal named Elisabeth whom I had talked to on the internet. She got her friend CRITTENDEN to play with us, doing very moving acoustic guitar songs. The place itself was profoundly and utterly beautiful. It smelled like a cross between a library and an old wooden church and looked the same as it smelled. There were stained glass windows and two very nice spacious stages. The place had a sacred sort of feel to it, even though it was also a bar. Somehow the bar was plopped unobtrusivley into the front section and once you entered the library-chapel, it was all mystical stars and wonderful shadows and hushed giggles. I had found a band called LOST SUBWAY to fill out the bill, but they never materialized - no call, no show. They later wrote to me and gave an explanation that they had a medical emergency. CRITTENDEN played and plyed his songs, accompanied occasionally by a friend on the ukelele.

When it came time for us to play, to a hushed church-library, following a delicate and wistful acoustic set, we decided it would be best to treat the 7 or 10 people who were there to an acoustic set of our own, as opposed to shattering the mood with screaming walls of feedback. We couldn't really do a proper acoustic set, since we had only electric bass, but we toned down the volume and put fabric over the drums, performing our set sitting on stools, myself in my newly laundered blue dress, singing our anthems to our Louisville herd, under imagined stars, in an ancient library, in a secret place. It was so nice to meet Elisabeth and her sister in the physical dimension. Elisabeth introduced us to her friend Nathaniel, who very very kindly let us sleep on his floor that night. In the morning he gifted us copies of a film he had made called "Walking Eddie" which is an artistic jewel of mesmeric cinematograhpy and raw emotion. There was not a big crowd in Louisville and the show kind of fell on its face, "technically", when LOST SUBWAY didn't show up, but it was truly a resounding success. It was a success on a spiritual level and on all levels that COUNT. After receiving exit directions from Nathaniel, we headed on to....

THE BILLIARDS CLUB, COLUMBUS, OH. Friday, July 28th. On the 28th. we were lined up to play at a place called The Billiards Club in Columbus, Oh. The billiards club, unsurprisingly, turn out to be just that - there is a big stage and a big U shaped bar and in an adjoining room there are a maybe 15 or so pool tables. The guy who oversees the place was very friendly and we got to play as much pool as we wanted free of charge. Before the show we explored downtown Columbus. We somehow ended up at a wicker convention, where we were made to feel quite unwelcome. We found the local hop record store, where we located recordings by some of our friends bands like ABIKU and even IMPRACTICAL COCKPIT -- now that one threw us for a loop! This was band we played with years and years ago! They are an excellent schizo-noise band and it turns out they released a CD on the "Load" record label! Good for them! When we eventually returned to the club, we played pool to kill some time. The bartender who had talked to us earlier, who had given us directions to the record store etc. bought us some drinks. O, poor souls that we are.... a non-drinking rock band??? It's so hard to make friends that way! I drank a few beers just to be friendly, but regretted it, as alcohol tends to sour my mood and make me tired. I walked across the parking lot to another more desolate parking lot and meditated on how things were going with the tour, the world at large and myself, watched some ants carrying things etc. This show ended up having a sort of "sports bar" atmosphere, with jockish nu-metal bands playing rap-rock or whatever you call it. I figured this was THE BEST show of the whole tour to wear the dress, since it might actually shock or bother someone here, whereas most of the other shows no one would really be scandalized. After a few trying nu-metal sets, we took the stage. I changed into the dress right there on stage and the tension could be cut with a knife. We are notorious for being able to set up fast (due to Kevins no-nonsense approach to tech issues) so within a few minutes we are ripping into our songs. I felt SO much energy from the tension and I made sure I climbed onto as many tables as I could reach. The nu-metal crowd seemed mostly bewildered, but there were actually a few people who were won over. I think our general air of confidence quelled any potential hecklers and most people just seemed perplexed, or they were chuckling.... but more out of nervousness, it seemed. I thought we played at the top of our game. That kind of atmosphere always makes for a strong spirit-mind-electricity energy arc.

There was a person who came to this show just to se us! It was someone a friend had talked to on the internet. It was so cool that we had someone come to see us in Columbus Ohio! I made him a special drawing thanking him for coming. He was "one of us" - a total eccentric character. I talked to him a little, we sold some recordings and T shirts to the few people we won over (or who were just drunk enough to have THOUGHT we won them over) and then said our farewells! The nu-metal kids were a riot, having this supposition that we able to tour 'cause we were "signed".... you could tell they all had stars in their eyes about "getting signed and making it". Best of luck to 'em!!! That night we stayed in a hotel. I had a weird dream (first in a series) where a red tiger made its appearance. Next day we were in....

PITTSBURGH, PA. at MODERN FORMATIONS - Saturday, July 29th. During the day we visit Pittburghs TOYNBEE IDEA tiles - the best preserved of the original style tiles in the country! Do a google search on TOYNBEE IDEA IN MOVIE 2001 RESURRECT DEAD ON PLANET JUPITER if you don't know what I am talking about! This show was originally supposed to be at our friend Staceys place, but she had the other bands cancel on her at the last minute, so she managed to get us added to a show at an art gallery called Modern Formations with another Philly band, DOCTOR AND PHILLIP and a band called THE BEAUTY PILL. There was also a solo acoustic guitar singer whose name escapes me right now. I was most thankful that we were able to play Pittsburgh and to Stacey and also Jim for putting us up for the night, feeding us and generally caring for us!!! I was pretty excited about this show just because I knew that THE BEAUTY PILL were a DISCHORD RECORDS band, although I had never heard them. But I figured that at the very least they would bring out a good crowd. Wrong! This actually somehow turned out to be the worst night of the tour for us, in so far as no one really seemed to want to be TOO friendly to us, we didn't sell ANYTHING (except a $1 zine) and the overall atmosphere of the show was just kind of.... for lack of a better word COLD. I will say that THE BEAUTY PILL were really and truly an excellent band. It was kind of sad to think that so few people would turn out to see them and of those people, they would be so aloof and off-putting. Their sound is sort of hard to pin-point ( a GOOD thing) but I guess I can fairly say that they are poppy and pretty MOST of the time, but they do veer into some nosiy territory to keep things lively and they include wide array of instruments, including two drummers on most songs. It was nice to meet them and to get to hear them, albeit at kind of a dud show. DOCTOR AND PHILLIP, whom I know from the Philly scene, were quite good in a similar way, although maybe a little more quiet in general. The artwork in this gallery was incredible! That really was the high point of the evening, from a creative standpoint! After the show we went to see Stacey and Jim and shared some really superb vegan pizza and conversation.

Jim hooked us up with a 7" of his old band, but Kevin has this record and I haven't gotten to hear it yet. The next day we continued our journey to....

BLACKSBURG, VA. at THE OASIS WORLD MARKET Sunday, July 30th. This was most likely the best show of the tour -- it's a toss-up, in my mind, between this and our other Virginia show at Fortress Of Solid Dudes! My deepest gratitiude is extended to Whitney and whoever else was involved in setting this one up! The show was held at Oasis world market, which sells an assortment of healthy foods. In the corner of the store, they section off an area for the bands to play. What made this such a special show was that there was a strong sense of comradery amongst everyone there. A lot of people came to see us who had seen us in years past at places in Va. like the legendary RATWARD. The other musics were stunning, arresting, heartwrenching, stellar, YES! THE DISAPPEARS COLLECTIVE alternated between songs that were utterly haunting - they had some vocal passages that actually made me want to cry real tears and upbeat driving songs with sort of a "post ounk" feel to them. I loved this band so much. They traded instruments off pretty frequently and I think they also divide the song-composing duties, hence the suffix "collective". We were also lucky to be playing with MIX TAPE FOR ADRIAN, whom we played with years ago at THE RATWARD. They are a two piece, working with manipulation of electronics. I don't understand the technical end of this type of music too well, but it is (perhaps all the more so) very impressive to me. Not only is it impressive, but the sonic wall they built up wove me into the web totally and time flew by so fast - I could have zoned out on what they were up to for hours!

We played a better set than most nights previously on a technical level. Marc had some problems with his bass drum pedal (he had been plagued with bass pedal malfunctions for the whole tour) so the drummer from DISAPPEARS elegantly slid a pedal to him. This show had such a positive atmosphere and it more than compensated for the lackluster night which preceded it! After teary goodbyes to our best friends on the earth in Blacksburg, it was time to head home for our "homecoming show" with TOWERS at their homebase in Philly, THE BE HAPPY HOUSE! PHILADELPHIA, PA.

THE BE HAPPY HOUSE Monday August 1st. This show was originally supposed to be four bands, but ended up mushrooming into at least 12 bands. A 12 band house show! Nothing proves that Philly has the strongest scene for house shows more than the fact that I know of at least three houses that have done several one day shows featuring over ten bands. Not only have they done it, they have not gotten hassled by the cops and they have been able to do it repeatedly. Philadelphia has the best scene in the country, from my limited point of view, for this kind of truly underground (oftentimes literally) creative activity. It is incredible that there are probably at least a dozen houses that host shows in West Philly alone. We are so happy to be a part of this. At any rate, I got home and was of course so tired! So thankful for some PRIVACY! But, a couple hours later and we are reunited at THE BE HAPPY HOUSE. I am a bit dazed and confused from tour. We set up in the living room and blast through a raucous and hectic set while those present meditate and absorb Spirit-Mind-Ghost-Electricity from our amplifiers. At some point the lights go out. We keep playing. A body, whose.... and from where, I don't know, knocks me into the wall. It's good to be home!!!




Update: Thursday, July 6th., 2006 AD! I have moved from my tiny room in Overbrook into the C.O.D.E. compound in west Philadelhpia.... hence I was without internet connection for about a month. In that time I managed to get 100 copies of my new poster made (SCROLL DOWN TO SEE).... I have also recorded an albums worth of new VIVIAN GIRLS songs with Enid Crow and have been busy getting settled into my new place!

As always I am busy with music, art, writing and research.

I recently have done several interviews for the Associated Press, an AM station in St. Louis and for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the TOYNBEE IDEA phenomenon and our pending documentary film focusing on it.




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My band Northern Liberties has a brand new 7" record available! It is a split record with Bugs + Rats. It is on blue vinyl and it is lovely.

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You can order it for $4 using paypal...


I have been very busy lately, as usual. I am working, as always, on my musics, artworks and also the Toynbee Idea film. Northern Liberties played four shows in three days April 12 - 14th. We played a show in Baltimore with our friends Red Devil + Wire Orchestra + Down With Gender. It was a fun show at Charm City Art Space, with many familiar faces from Philadelphia. The next night we played in Philly with my friend Jamies new band, The Catalyst. Also I got to catch up with my friend Raven who made the trip up from VA. with them. It was a real blessing to be able to catch old friends, witness really amazing music and also play music of my own. The night after this we played two shows in Richmond, set up by Jamie. The first show was an early all-ages show with Witch Hunt, Direct Control and some others. What we saw was great, but we couldn't catch the whole show as we had to move on to the later show, at Jamies place, the "house of solid dudes". This was incredible! Thank you so much to the other bands, Jamie, Bucky Lewis + every one, everyone for making our trip so worthwhile! Words can't express it all, so I will stop writing about it, but know that we deeply appreciate it, OK!

After our last show on Friday I visited Enid Crow in NYC on Saturday. We tried to get equipment so we could record Vivian Girls songs at her place in NYC, but there wasn't enough time to get all the things we needed. On Easter Sunday, the 16th., I had a solo show in New York playing songs as well as reading an essay that I wrote especially for the event on the topics of music(k) and magic(k).

Here is an audio clip of my set, recorded on my new tape recorder by Enid Crow!


I shared the night with my friends of many years from Philadelphia, Beware The Blunted Needle. Another band from Philly played as well, who seem to change their name quite often, At this show I think they went by the name Irrational Numbers For International.... something... I'm drawing a blank. Beware The Blunted Needle hid paper Easter eggs with prizes in them and handed out lyric sheets. Here is one of their sheets as well as the prize from one of the eggs...

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Want to see a little of what I've been up to? Here are a few pictures of me drawing the CRYSTAL MOTH poster....

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On Saturday, March 4, 2006 AD the film crew of RESURRECT DEAD visited the shortwave radio fest , held this year in Kulpsville PA. on a research mission. To say that we were met with success would be an understatement. We also got to experience the excitement of a world truly on the fringes of culture at large. We were blessed to meet some fantastic and like-minded folks in the shortwave community. I did an interview for a shortwave transmission about the Toynbee Idea phenomenon. Our friend and tile researcher Steve Weinik accompanied us and took many photos, including this one of the interview in progress --

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The record release show for my band Northern Liberties was marvelous! Thank you so much to KANDY WHALES, RADIO ERIS and JOHN DENVERS AIRPLANE, who filled SHELLSHAGS slot as they unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute.

Some photos of the event ----

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(Northern Liberties)

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(Clark of Kandy Whales)

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(Tony making robot-pigeon sounds with John Denvers Airplane)

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(Powerful visuals and spacey musics from Radio Eris. Lora and Iris Senseless pictured here.)


For New Years, myself and Enid Crow had a dance party at my house. It was attended by myself and Enid Crow. We danced to songs on television while we watched the "ball drop" in NYC. Then we sang and danced. I played the acoustic guitar and we both sang made up songs and also a few cover songs. The next day we went to the Mummers parade. There we met up with many of my friends -- Aby, Myles, Kevin, KC, Robin, Debbie and James. James I had never met before this -- Debbie met him in Antarctica, where they were both working at a government base. James is knowledgeable in the field of electronic devices and I am hopefully going to get him to help me build a SPIRICOM device! This seems to have some connection with the TOYNBEE IDEA. I will report my findings. Here is a photo of a new-style Toynbee Idea in the shadow of the Mummers parade! Philadelphia is a strange town indeed!

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The latest issue of Decades Of Confusion Feed The Insect is #44. It is available by sending $2 to my address, P.O. box 13312, Philadelphia, PA. 19101. It is also available at several indepenent book stores in the Philadelphia area.


Here is a psychedelic version of a picture Enid Crow took this summer of myself on a Toynbee idea tile -- 36th. + Park in NYC.

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Check progress on the Toynbee Idea film HERE


The Vivian Girls Experience have been receiving some radio airplay on WFMU in New Jersey and WKDU in Philadelphia -- Thank You!!! Call up the stations and request the songs! Enid Crow is slowly but surely updating our Webpage

See the progress HERE

This is the album cover, to be found inside the cloth outer cover:

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That's all I know for now.

Keep watching.