Click on the thumbnails below to view large interconnecting story-drawings on which I have labored intensively for ten years, so far. These panoptic story-scrolls vary in size from around three to seven feet tall and/or wide. They connect, one to another in sequence, to form an ever-unfolding story-poem-picture chain. I began work on the first of them in the summer of AD 2000, and will continue the work until I am no longer able to physically continue or until death. If circumstances are right, I may someday create a final image which will connect to the first image, completing a cycloramic life-story image. The images here were scanned on a large-format scanner and sized for view on a computer monitor.

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Poster1 Poster2 Poster3 Poster4 Poster5 Poster6 Poster7 Poster8 Poster9 Poster10 Poster11 Poster12 Poster13 Poster14 Poster15 Poster16 Poster17 Poster18 Poster19 Poster20 Poster21 Poster22 Poster23 Poster24 Poster25 Poster26 Poster27 Poster28

Conjoined Images

Composite of 21 Posters
Conjoined Images Continued

Composite to Poster 26
Conjoined Images Continued

Composite of Posters to #28

Poster Picture

Photo by Steve Weinik