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I will have a new assortment of items available here soon, including a new zine, large black and white prints, another full color archival quality print, and more - for what's available now, see below -


Here are some details/images of one the available prints - "Time Is a Place Where Your Motionless Light Remains" - available as an archival quality full color print on sturdy acid-free matte paper. Limited edition of 30 copies. Signed and numbered on reverse. Images:



 (Click on image to view an enlarged version.)

(Photograph of me holding one of the prints to illustrate size.)

(Detail of reverse left corner of print no. 1, illustrating inscription.)

 This print is reproduced in the exact size as the original -  25.5 inches tall, and 20 inches wide.  

$120 postpaid - paypal me at