You sent out a flickering lamp to be recieved.

Draped in wrapping paper, floating to my side of the sea.

The wasted ink, the tired timing, the way I cease to feel when I begin to breathe and believe.

Enraptured with a picture projected to deceive - your selves with crayon frowns of fear came sailing back to you.

In a self reflecting mirror house that only sees your tears. The cards and letters go blank with the passing of the years.

We tie the wires up to mimic the machinery of truth. But the long-dead are ever quiet and almost out of our reach.

It was when the shortwave hummed to life that these souls washed over us wavelike. And it was like sinking into honey made out of electricity.

I hold out particle wave hands: I don't feel emotion, eternal raging sun, the equinox of technology, the rising voice of a more real reality.

I am stabbed and filled with so much sanity that I begin to vomit my brain. For the operation of a more universal universe, I twist copper wire around my finger until it bleeds.

I will see and speak to the violet aether ray, a chimed sideview of these words, and the things that words tell you to do.

Vibrating cerebal orb of one lonely planet spreading the call.

The work is not over in any way.

Many on the planet Earth get lost and pound the ground with their fists, hoping that if they place enough fist-marks they will eventually knock on the right door.

Many are buried alive where they stood.

Orgiastic non-words are spoken to invoke the end of time.

But still, even this is not enough.

Even the eyeless, toungless, earless, skinless mud-worm will know all.

And still, it is not enough.

Only until the hands are clasped to the edges of every star within your skull. Only until the souls all pass through on another like thread through a needle -- and signal the light-lamp of the unseeable shore. Only then, and never before.


The expansiveness of the surroundings caused the enclosures of the minds contained within the space to tighten. It was their way of defining the space they were occupying. The occupied space, being unimpressed by the pulling vortexes the minds shot through it, continued to expand as if nothing was happening. And the minds, in turn, became fearful of their own pull, but could not stop DRAINING AWAY.....